Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do we need to know what Carla does in bed?

Where do you draw the line?

British tabloids invented the concept of Page 3, which would be dedicated to a barely clad, if at all clad, woman to titillate the working class. They also mastered the art of shocking, stunning, smashing headlines -- the late lamented Private Eye had a rollicking time with the pick of the week, spinning spoofs around them. I couldn't stop laughing at Private Eye's interpretation of a very memorable headline which most probably appeared in the inimitable Sun: 'My boyfriend ate my hamster!'

Political correctness has killed much of good-natured humour. We now live in an increasingly joyless world where anything that we say is open to perverse interpretation. The Feminazis are an unhappy lot; they make it a point to make others unhappy too.

But there are times when I am appalled by the trivialisation of 'news' and the pathetic attempt by media to palm off obnoxious tid-bits about the personal lives of movers and shakers as 'entertainment news'. Sex sells, but must we elevate it to the columns of mainstream dailies? Indian newspapers have been putting out stories on Carla Bruni that are neither funny nor interesting, but revolting. It's copycat journalism at its worst. Here's an example:

"The Sarkozys once kept a head of state waiting while they enjoyed a passionate love-making session..." And the details are nauseating.

Decide for yourself!

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Unknown said...

both the Sun and Daily Bile are owned by Murdoch... so it figures :)!