Monday, March 22, 2010

S*IT hits the fan!

Media spattered and bruised

NaMo exposes p-sec fraud

The signs of desperation are showing. After failing to bring him down despite 8 years of relentless calumny and worse, Narendra Modi’s critics have begun to hit out in blind fury.

For more than a week English language media, including news channels, based in Dilli had been reporting with gay abandon how the Special Investigation Team set up by the Supreme Court (whose remit has now come under the apex court’s review) had Modi in a twist after ‘summoning’ him in the case filed by the widow of Ehsan Jafri, former Congress MP who died in the violence that followed the slaughter of 58 Hindus when a Muslim mob set two coaches of Sabarmati Express ablaze on February 27, 2002.

The p-sec media, which has been relentless in demonising Modi using the Goebbelsian trick of repeating its toxic lies in the hope people will come to believe them, launched a coordinated tirade on Monday morning, berating the Gujarat Chief Minister for failing to turn up before the SIT. Some accused him of running scared. Others even listed the questions the SIT planned to ask Modi. Is the SIT being provided with questions drafted by p-sec journalists and activists who have lost all sense of propriety? On Monday, Teesta Setalvad went to the extent of justifying ‘extra-judicial’ measures to bring Modi to heel!

Modi, of course, has had the last laugh – as usual at the expense of p-sec media elite and their jholawallah friends. In a stunning disclosure by way of an open letter to the people of the country, he has exposed media’s calumny and casuistry.

Had I owned a newspaper, I would have run a front page banner headline:

S*IT hits the fan!

with a second deck:

Media spattered and bruised

This demonisation of Modi has had no impact on the people of Gujarat. Modi won the 2002 Assembly election with a huge margin; he repeated the feat in 2007. The people of Gujarat, both Hindus and Muslims, have moved on, Modi has moved on and the State is a shining example of what good governance can achieve by all-round inclusive development and growth. In industry, agriculture and social welfare, Gujarat leads every other State.

But media won’t give up. It is still stuck in 2002. And, like a stuck record, continues to plan the same canard again and again, accusing Modi of imaginary crimes and trying to instigate a Muslim backlash. It has not fetched the p-sec media elite any results; it won’t either.

Modi’s open letter to the nation speaks for itself. Frankly, no further comment is needed to highlight the deviousness of those who use the cover of ‘free media’ to pursue their anti-Modi agenda. What do you think?

The following is the text of Modi’s letter:

My beloved countrymen,


I am constrained to write to you with a deep sense of anguish. Since last eight years, canards have been spread against me. For the past one week, if we analyse the allegations levelled against me, then the truth will become evident. Truth cannot be suppressed. It is now my duty to place before you the facts that bring out the importance of understanding what the truth really is.
After the 2002 Godhra incidents, I had categorically said in the Vidhan Sabha and in public that no one is above the Indian Constitution and the law, even if he happens to be the Chief Minister of a State. These are not mere words. My actions have reflected this statement in its true spirit. I assure you that this would be my stand in the future.
In spite of that, some vested interests, without losing a single opportunity and with malicious pleasure and without bothering to ascertain the truth based on mere whims and fancies have been tarnishing the good image of Gujarat, my Government and me.
Recently, there has been a systematic campaign to defame Gujarat through propagation of false reports titled ‘Special Investigation Team summons Narendra Modi’; ‘Narendra Modi did not appear before SIT’ and ‘Modi has shown disrespect to Supreme Court and SIT’. Such baseless allegations are being levelled once again against me to defame Gujarat.
I am therefore compelled to place the facts before my countrymen.
As soon as newspapers began reporting that Modi has been summoned by the SIT, the Government spokesperson immediately said that Shri Modi is bound by the law of the land and the Indian Constitution. He has always extended his cooperation to every procedure of law. And he is committed to do so in the future.
It is a matter of grave concern and needs investigation as to why and who started spreading lies that ‘SIT summons Narendra Modi on March 21, 2010’.
The purveyors of untruth failed even to think that March 21, 2010 happens to be a Sunday and a public holiday.
These purveyors of lies even did not once bother to check whether the key SIT officers, who are appointed by the Supreme Court, were present in Gujarat on March 21, 2010.
SIT had not fixed March 21, 2010 for my appearance. To say that I was summoned on March 21 is completely false. I shall respond to the SIT fully respecting the law and keeping in view the dignity of a body appointed by the Supreme Court.
The date of March 21, 2010 was invented by some vested interest and as a part of their effort to interfere in the due process of law. They wanted to paint me as a person who refused to respond to the SIT. This country has in the last twenty four hours witnessed a campaign of disinformation in which a section of the media became an instrument of the disinformers. I hope this section will now take corrective steps.
My beloved countrymen,
The people of Gujarat and this country have identified those who are defaming Gujarat continuously since 2002. But I want to tell the truth that spreading falsehoods has only one single purpose and that is to instigate people. It is a sinful action which will harm the working of a democratic state. Seen in the backdrop of events in the last 24 hours, it shows that there is a nexus among the vested interests in spreading lies against me in order to defame me. This machination has come unstuck and the people have seen through this charade.
The Government of Gujarat has always honoured and cooperated with the investigative agencies, commissions and the Supreme Court looking into Godhra and post-Godhra incidents. And that is why I never thought of giving a public statement on this issue. Despite unbearable pain, I decided to maintain silence in the belief that the due process of law would take its own course.
But now, as the lies reach a crescendo as never before, I am compelled to bring the facts before the countrymen. I also consider it my humble duty.
I hope the truth is not twisted by the purveyors of untruth to misguide the investigation. And I expect that the media would bring my deep pain and despair to the notice of the people.

(Narendra Modi)


Dhruv said...

The devil minds in the Indian media and the corrupt politicians have created these highly toxic cocktail which is ruining the health of the nation.

The Indian youth has to take lead and come on to the streets to stand with NaMo , if they want to have any kind of future in India .. If they remain indifferent .. god help them !!

Stop being a tame domesticated timid person who runs between work and home with his head bowed and ears closed .... Start asking questions... where is your tax money going into ... no benefits , no govt. facilities , no govt funded schools , no state pension, no roads , no water management, no town planning , no social security, no electricity ....rather paying for toll roads, paying for security, paying for healthcare.. why are we paying taxes??

Just so that corrupt inefficient sarkaree babus keep on getting their DAs raised and politicians dole out freebies selectively to their votebanks ?
Your money put in the right place can even dry the coffers of the habitual biased liars in the Indian media .

Start asking questions .. and puting pressure on this rotten govt to perform or let Modi take over !!

India is fast becoming an ek ghante panee 3 ghante bijlee nation . Its already a nation of inverters and water pumps !!

Very soon you will only be able to get Sabjee/Daal darshan at a Gandhi pariwar musuem ... while you can pay reverence to 'Sugar' and pure vintage 'milk' in a Sharad Pawar pradarshini !!

Jago India Jago .. Time is fast running out .. another 5 yrs and even NaMO will not be able to save you !!

BK Chowla, said...

What can one say after reading this letter from Modi.
It is a shame that in a country of i billion people, the media is spreading disjointed news. Such acts must be condemned by one and all including the ruling party.
Time to bring Modis achievements in public knowledge.

ukindian said...

WELL DONE MR MODI! EVEN GANDHIJI WOULD HAVE APPRECIATED HIS SMARTNESS!I AM TEMPTED TO ASK MR MODI IF HE HIMSELF FED THE '21st MARCH' DATE INTO THE P-SEC RUMOUR-MILLS OF INDIA? (AS for Gandhiji lets not forget he was a proud Hindu, who held prayer meetings ever so often, and loved sang-kirtan and RAM-bhajans,in contrast to Sonia Gandhi's and Rahul Gandhi's P-Sec-ism, one of the reasons why Indian Muslims parted ways with him by the million and hitched their band wagons with Muslim League, Jinnah and Pakistan - till partition at least).

Sometimes I wonder why there is so much witch-hunting in Gujarat about the 2002 riots. What about the enquiry into the killing of the 3000+ Sikhs in 1984? Why does that not interest the same people a similar extent anyway? Then, like Mr Gadkari said the other day in an interview on NDTV, the Congress Chief Minister of Maharashtra, after 1992 riots in Mumbai, is not ever accused of genocide after the Mumbai bomb-blasts! Why is this racism, or shall I call it politicking when it comes to justice?

The truth is there is a term called "cause and effect". Imagine if two compartments full of Haj pilgrims were roasted alive in Pakistan by a Hindu mob, would the 1.5% Pakistani Hindu population be spared by the Majority in that Islamic nation? I don't condone violence, but then there are consequences. The 85 % Hindu population cannot be taken eternally to be a lethargic sleeping tiger.

Just because the Govt in Gujarat was BJP they must not be assumed to be guilty, whereas the Govts of Delhi (India in fact) after 1984, and Govt of Maharashtra in 1992 as innocent as Sati-Savitri or like it's said in Bengali 'Dhowa-Tulshi-Pata' ( pure as 'washed Tulsi Leaves')?

Anonymous said...

It's a fitting reply to the so-called 'media elite'. It was good fun to watch them cover up yesterday!

kittoo said...

Indeed. The P-sec media has been exposed completely here. Morons.
No matter how much p-sec media, congress, NGOs etc try, they cant bring Modi down. Cause truth always wins. He has turned Gujarat into a powerhouse. I just wish that someday we will see him turning India into a powerhouse.

sunaath said...

There are powerful politicians who are behind the media blackmail of Narendra Modi. But Mr. Modi will emerge unscathed from this bloody campaign.

Prakash Iyer said...

Isnt the fact whether he has been a good chief minister in all these years irrelevant to whether law and order was enforced the way it should have been during the riots? Neither of the two incidents should have been allowed to happen in the first place. Shouldnt that be seen as a failure of the government?

Prakash Iyer said...

Also, I remember reading your article on Jyoti Basu; especially the line "emon tho hoye thake". When Pro-Modi/BJP journos unfailingly mention the detail of the event that led to the riots more emphatically than the riots, it does seem similar nudge-nudge-wink-wink behaviour suggesting those muslims deserved it anyway. Why shouldnt the emphasis be on law following its right course irrespective of religion?

darenot said...

Good question Prakash Iyer and here is an answer for that.
ukindian asked a question about sikh massacre in 1984, what happened to that? have the perpetrators been brought to justice? No i don't think so.
What should we do with the central govt and the Maharashtra state govt that let Mumbai massacre happen.
Is that not a failure and if i may say so a brazen ineptness and incompetence of the government.

Prakash Iyer said...

@darenot: Two wrongs dont make a right. In all cases law should be allowed to take its course, irrespective of which party is in power. Shouldnt the media/blogging journos report or analyze this objectively? what is bothering in all these cases is the sly insinuation that hindus killing muslims is trivial since vice versa has been happening for centuries, or under a pseudo secular congress govt. Whenever there is a riot, or it can be easily predicted that there would be one (post sabarmati carnage), the government and law enforcement should simply ensure things dont go out of control. Riots should not be "allowed" for historical wrongs to be corrected.

quietist said...

From nursery standard we are fed on gandhism which makes us believe that we are primarily peace loving people who would gladly offer the other cheek when slapped on one, but that unfortunately is not the natural order of things, individual intentions apart, we as a nation are pretty intolerable resulting in it's manifestation in countless clashes made worse by the worlds most inept police. Instead of a holier-than-thou monologues what we need is a clear understanding of facts - we are no saints, and an able police who is able to protect the people not just vips.

Suseel said...

I watched the interview on NDTV where Swapan was the in-studio guest. It was funny how Burkha Dutt lamented the fact that Modi never let her interview him in the last 7 years. I say, take a token and stand in line. The media loves to bring down personalities to show its relative prowess. It has been baying for Modi's blood due to various reasons (political and otherwise). It will be interesting to see when 2002 will be "past" like 1992 and 1984.


keshav said...

Well said ...i guess BJP should decide to boycott these P-Sec media houses. Automatically there TRPS will slide and they will come to know how important its to be fair.

keshav said...

M. Patil said...

Modi should file a defamation suit against specific channels and news papers.

That would put fear of God in these corrupt media wallas and also destroy their repuation. Once that happens these news toutlets/outlets will be in dire financial straits.

Anonymous said...

I have been really sick and tired of ELM (English Language Media), who has taken sole custodian to tarnish Modiji, and by doing so tarnishing BJP, the reason they fear him, they fear Hindu nationalism, they fear that he has ability to slay their darling Congress. How come in India which had bigger riots before Gujarat has never called any CM for an SIT probe?

Let me put some figures :

Gujarat Riots
People killed:
• Muslims : 790
• Hindus: 254.
People Injured: 2548
People missing: 223.
This is as per figures given by Congress Party in Parliament.

1984 Delhi killings:
Sikhs Killed: 4000 in Delhi alone.

It is quite obvious, that the 1984 killings were the biggest in scale and intensity that one has seen in a long time.
Dr. Manmohan Singh, had installed Jagdish Tytler, one of the masterminds of the Delhi massacre, as a Cabinet Minister. It finally took protests after Nanavati Commission had pointed fingers at him to ease him out of the Government. That’s not a big issue for secular media, just a small incident.

So, a question keeps coming to my insane, irrational, non-secular, Hindu mind, how do you define "Religious Fundamentalism" and Secularism? It keeps asking me whether India becomes a country where religious genocide is considered only when ONE section of the society is targeted? Or is it when ONLY one type minorities are targeted?

These are important questions, but secular media does not want to answer them. The very Congress and secular media which targets BJP was the culprit in the worst killings of any minority!

Rajiv Gandhi can justify the Sikh killings as his mother was killed. But when anyone relates the Gujarat killings with the Godhra incident where 59 Hindu passengers, mostly women, children and seniors returning from the holy city of Ayodhya were burned alive, he is termed a Hindu fundamentalist.

When any one talks about Direct Action Day, also known as The Great Calcutta Killing on 16 August 1946, where than 50000 Hindus were butchered, secular media says let’s forget old history. When questions on why and how come almost the entire community of 2.5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits forced to leave the valley following arson, rape and killing of about a 1,000 members of their community, we find conspicuous silence and terming the incident unfortunate.

The above reasons and are such other million reasons why I want Modi to win, BJP to be successful as I am just tired of this rational, sane, non-Hindu pseudo-secular likes of Vir Sangvi, Barkha Dutt, Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai and other custodians of secularisms and Hindu bashers. They all very easily selectively forget that only in Hindu India, Muslims are getting pampered, had it been Muslim India we either has been all beheaded or were paying jizya tax.

ukIndian said...

I envy the Muslims for one reason! Their faith in their religion! Their prophet preached that they must treat other Muslims as brothers against non-Muslims, That they must try to convert all non-Muslims to Allah, and that all people who follow anyone other than Allah are to be condemned and even punished till they come to the path of Allah and accept Islam.

Therefore if 85% of India’s people had been Muslim, the law would have been Shari’ah most definitely. No Temples would be allowed freely, and Hindus would be treated like 3rd class citizens- Kafirs. There would most definitely be no Hindu ministers, presidents, or even captains of cricket team. Hindus would gradually be compelled to convert to Islam, like it happened during the middle-ages, to survive.

There would definitely be no Hindus as centre of discussions on TV day in and day out. More importantly a Muslim Chief Minister of a Muslim majority India would never be hounded by a Muslim Government for failing to save a thousand odd Hindus after they have roasted alive a compartment loaded with old, women and children, innocent Hajis returning home from Mecca.

Does anyone have any different expectation from a Muslim majority India? There is a difference between Muslims and Hindus- which sometime makes me extremely jealous of them- their unity and love for their religion and co-religionists.