Thursday, August 25, 2011

Palestinian Ambassador to India hails terrorists

Killers praised as 'shahids'!

Palestinian terrorists, armed with rifles and bombs, carried out a series of coordinated attacks last Thursday (August 18) near the southern Israeli city of Eilat, on the country’s border with Egypt, killing six civilians, a soldier and a security officer. More than 30 Israelis were injured in the attacks. [Video] It now transpires that three of the terrorists may have been Egyptians.

The terrorists shot at a bus and two cars, and targetted a military patrol with bombs. A suicide-bomber blew up a bus, killing the driver and himself. Israeli Army personnel took on the terrorists, killing seven of them.

In a swift (and admirable) retaliatory response, the IDF targetted leaders of the Popular Resistance Committees, responsible for the terror attacks. In the targeted airstrikes, five members of this terrorist organisation were killed in Gaza. Among those killed is Ismail Asmar of Rafiah in the Gaza Strip, a 'senior commander' in the Islamic Jihad, who financed and planned the terrorist attacks in Eilat. Unfortunately, collateral damage included a child who died.

The following day, on August 19, the Palestinian National Authority Ambassador to India, Adli Sadeq, wrote an article in Al-Hayat al-Jadida, the official daily newspaper of the PNA, praising the terrorists and hailing their attacks on Israeli civilians. The article was published with the headline: “A great operation, regardless of anything”.

In that article, Adli Sadeq writes:

"May Allah have mercy upon the shahids (martyrs) who fell during Ramadan, those of them who went out to confront the occupation forces and did not return, and those of them who were bombed in the home of Khaled Shaath (commander of the Popular Resistance Committees unit manufacturing rockets and bombs) and died a shahid's death... What happened yesterday (August 18) may be considered one of the most successful infiltration operations, for it is clear that the preparation of the routes for the men to reach their target was done some time ago, took much time, and required great effort. What this means is that this was a quality operation that will be difficult to repeat.”

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 19, 2011]

There are three issues for consideration.

First, the praise that Adli Sadeq has showered on the Popular Resistance Committees terrorists and the honour he has bestowed upon killers of innocent civilians is remarkably similar to the praise that is showered routinely by Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other similar terrorist organisations on their killers and the honour that they bestow upon their ‘shahids’.

Second, the Ministry of External Affairs, indeed, the Government of India, should not only take serious note of the statement endorsing terrorism by an accredited Ambassador based in New Delhi who enjoys diplomatic privileges and immunity but also summon him for an explanation before declaring him persona non grata. Not to do so would be tantamount to the Government of India shutting its eyes and ears to incitement of terrorism from Indian soil.

Third, as is the wont of our Left-liberal commentariat which dominates media and controls content, it has blithely glossed over Adli Sadeq’s statement. Is this simply because the perpetrators of these terror attacks were Muslims and their victims were Jews? Do our commentariat and the media it dominates find it politically incorrect to call out killers of civilians who happen to be Muslims?

Responses to all three points raised here are welcome.

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My column Coffee Break on Israel, India and terrorism makes the point What tiny Israel can, giant India can't!


Anonymous said...

every nation do so!!! Do u think palestine is a nation?? If yes u must accept that no one will accuse his own nation...

Eagleeye47 said...

This act needs to be condemned strongly by all peace loving Nations along with the World bodies.

India should not only preamp but practice Zero tolerance for terrorism. IAF is well within it's rights to retaliate strongly to this act.

Viva Kermani said...

Thanks Kanchan for covering the recent terrorist attacks in Israel and the reaction it got here.It is indeed a shame that the Palestinian Ambassador to India has welcomed this attack - and more shameful is that the media is inaudible on his comment.
Post Mubarak there is a new threat in the garb of the Muslim Brotherhood - the enemies are not Hamas or Hizbollah any longer.While the media was ecstatic over the Tahir Square anti-Mubarak protests,they failed to report on what was brewing in the Sinai and the gradual dissipation of a safe border. Israel needs to wake up to a new harsh reality that is gradually emerging vis a vis Egypt.So while the world bashes Israel and continues its boycotts and flotillas,the Jhihadists are taking over the Sinai, bombing the gas pipeline,calling for the Islamisation of the Sinai and killing innocent civilians - women and children. This is nothing to cheer ,Mr Ambassador.

Anonymous said...

India only uses Israel for selfish reasons. As far as policies go we all know India always takes a pro Palestinian stand. Right up to UN.

When on earth will these Palestinians give up attacking Israelis ??

Musab Qazi said...

Yeah Right! First displace people from their homeland.Then settle there down. and when they retaliate then scream Blue Murder! I guess Kanchan gets Big buck from Israel considering the no. of article he writes appreciating America's illegitimate child !

Anonymous said...

Apropos Musab Qazi's comment ,

No , in this unfair world afflicted with fear & political correctness, it takes tremendous courage to uphold truth. Which in this case happens to be speaking in support of Israel.

Who is occupying whose land ? Who have been relentlessly besotted with stones throwing , hurling their explosives ridden bodies at innocent Israelis ?

India as a nation has never had any unambiguous foreign policy. It has no scruples that way thriving on nothing but votes. India's stand or opinions are of no consequence at international level.

Anonymous said...

India fingerpoints at America blaming them for "allying with Pakistan".

What does India do ? Recall Ex President R.Venkatraman holding aloft Yasser Arafat's hand while welcoming him at Indian airport ??
Is India a trustworthy ally ???

Anonymous said...

I am glad none other than the forthright Naseeruddin Shah has spoken about the toxic indoctrination by Mullahs & what havoc this has been unleashing in the name of "religion".

Regarding " diplomatic immunity & privileges " let us not forget Indian Minister Kamal Nath also managed to evade prosecution in America when Sikhs demanded action against him for their pogrom in 1984.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me for going offtopic.

I saw the Hindi movie Red Alert . And could not agree with you Kanchan Gupta more that this violence by maobadis is no solution at all. They turn out to be much more ruthless ,criminalised , visionless & rudderless.

It is worth spending more time in peaceful committed negotiations than approving this unwarranted violence.

Anonymous said...

When is your retarded ass joining Stormfront?

Your chutiya ass already has Daniel Pipes on twitter.