Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Pakistani Connection!

This audio recording, courtesy Al Jazeera, reminds us of Kargil, 26/11 and the perfidy of the Pakistani military-jihadi Establishment.

Recording reveals Afghan attack plot

Intercepted calls show Taliban and Pakistan-based group planning June attack on Kabul hotel.

Afghan security officials have released a recording of intercepted phone calls between a Pakistan-based group and Taliban fighters planning an attack on a Kabul hotel.

Twenty-one people died when eight suicide bombers stormed the hotel in a nighttime raid in late June.

Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports from Kabul.


kautilya said...

pakistan is surviving today because of pure short-term thinking of US and China. also pakis are using 'fear' effectively.

'if we collapse, we'll take you down'.. this has worked well all these years. the blackmail has paid off and continues to be paid off, even post-Laden capture. and there's nothing insight to suggest it's going to change.

pak will continue to be a nuisance till it implodes on its own.

it doesn't even inspire hate in me now. it is beyond pity.

Anonymous said...

When cries of democracy & anti Mubarak riots broke out in Egypt, I remember Israel warning that it would only make way for more of their atavistic anti Israel sentiments.

As usual Israel's assessment has proved to be right. Democracy is for mature people. Not for all. India needs to calibrate fast.And be more pro active. It cannot jeopardize our security by trying hard to be friendly towards all.

And the first important move is to oust Congress & empower Narendra Modi & BJP.

Anna Hazare was always anti BJP. This aversion towards corruption has been articulated by many among Indians. Strange that people should credit Anna Hazares & SSSRavishankars. Hence BJP should stay away from all dubious soothsayers & charlatans.