Thursday, June 10, 2010

Toxic Arjun helped Anderson flee India

Congress owes an explanation!
Warren Anderson, the then chairman of Union Carbide Corp, arrived in Bhopal via Mumbai on December 7, 1984, four days after the catastrophe caused by lethal methyl isocyanate which had ‘leaked’ from the company’s pesticides plant in Bhopal. He was arrested and charged with culpable homicide.

Instead of being taken to the jail, he was escorted to Union Carbide’s so-called R&D centre on Shyamla Hills. Moti Singh, the then Collector of Bhopal, recalls how he was summoned by Brahma Swaroop, who was then Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, and told to arrange for Anderson’s bail and take him to the airport and put him on the State Government’s plane.

According to Moti Singh, "At around 2 pm, the Chief Secretary called the police chief and me and told us to release Anderson and send him to Delhi by plane. Accordingly we went to that place, did the formalities, and he was released on bail and sent to Delhi by plane."

Anderson was granted bail on personal surety of Rs 25,000. He was escorted by senior officials to Bhopal airport where the State Government plane was waiting for him. He was flown to Delhi from where he took a flight to America, never to return to India again to face trial for mass murder by another name.

A former Madhya Pradesh aviation official now says he received a call from the then Chief Minister Arjun Singh's office to arrange for Anderson’s departure. The identity of Anderson was “kept a secret and not revealed” to the pilots of the State Government plane who flew him out of Bhopal on December 7, 1984.

"I got a call from the CM's office that we have to arrange for an aircraft for Delhi flight... Accordingly we arranged the aircraft belonging to the Government of Madhya Pradesh," Captain R S Sodhi, who was the Director of Aviation in 1984, told TV channels on Thursday. According to Sodhi, Bhopal’s Superintendent of Police and Collector Moti Singh “waved to Anderson as he boarded the plane”.

Captain SH Ali, who piloted the plane, said the identity of his passenger was kept a secret and not revealed to him. Ali said Anderson was looking tired and upset. "We got flight information from director R S Sodhi for a flight from Bhopal to Delhi. I was told to keep aircraft ready. I planned it one hour before-hand. We waited for Mr Anderson," Ali recalled. Ali said Anderson came with the Superintendent of Police and Collector of Bhopal.

"It was a one-hour-35-minute flight. We landed in Delhi. An Ambassador car picked him up from next to the plane. I left him with the airport manager," he said. Asked who gave the orders to him to fly out Anderson, Ali told NDTV, "This came from our captain, RS Sodhi. He was our Director -- he gets the information from the Chief Minister (CM) or CM's staff or Secretary to the CM. They pass the order to the Director and the Director passes them to the pilots... Or he himself flies."

What all this adds up to is:

• The Congress Government in Madhya Pradesh, headed by Arjun Singh, colluded with Union Carbide to protect the guilty officials of the company.

• The Congress Government at the Centre, headed by Rajiv Gandhi, could not but have known about Arjun Singh’s extraordinary effort to facilitate Warren Anderson’s flight to safety and beyond the pale of Indian law.

• The Madhya Pradesh Government must file criminal charges against Arjun Singh, have him arrested and made to face trial for colluding with the guilty men of Union Carbide. Does the BJP have the gumption to bring a toxic politician, accused of virtually every possible crime, including corruption, to justice?

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kppradeep said...

Dear Sir,
I do not think this is as simple. Arjun singh must have acted on instructions from Centre. The role of then HM/Ext Affair minister/ Law minister should be investigated and that can we expect from our Congress friends and the "most HONEST" PM.
Why is our SUPER PM and her Son silent and not opening their mouth

Sid said...

Thanks for bringing focus to this.
Can you please write something about that two-month long blockade in Manipur? Neither the government nor the politicians would do anything about it and media would not care to write on things that has nothing to do with denigrating Hinduism.

sunaath said...

Arjun Singh is an accessory to the crime of murder. He should get a life term in prison. He has also helped the criminal to run away from the law. He has misused his official powers. He has to be punished for all these offences. A public interest litigation should be filed to punish Arjun Singh and also Dr. Ahmadi who directed to change the charges. Contributions should be collected from the public to run this case. I shall definitely contribute whatever I can.

Rishi Kalia said...

Singling out Arjun Singh for Bhopal tragedy will not help. The Congress party as a whole has a lot of explanations to do & should be held accountable for this gross mismanagement.Congress leadership should be prosecuted for dereliction of its state duty & criminally colluding with Union Carbide management.

ashwin said...

the real culprit was RAJIV GANDHI.arjun singh is a puny spineless & thoroughly corrupt man(congress man).the focus should be on thoroughly exposing the deeds of the congi demi god RAJIV GANDHI.arrest arjun singh for ferreting info from him.but focus has to be on the real culprit RAJIV GANDHI,so that the nation can see with bare eyes the fangs of the family thus retreiving itself from it's long slumber.
the nation lost one such golden opp. when the traitor vajpayee let the scion of the family RAHUL off the hook by intervening with the us to get him free from the clutches of fbi in boston in sep 2001.let this not happen again.

Dhruv said...

Seems Arjun and Rajiv Gandhi are the people who let this criminal escape India.

Whether Bhopal or Sikh riots , for the Congressis the life of a common man is dirty cheap.

The only hope India has , NaMo , for the sake of this country needs to switch gears now ... and come to the national politics... He has given enough momentum and direction to Gujarat and India needs him desperately.

Indians educated or illiterate realise that Congress is the poison which is destroying this country .. and BJP though have good intentions as a unit has not much to deliver ...

In utopian thoughts wishes .. India needs is the best of India ... NaMo as PM , Chidambaram as HM and possibly MMS as FM .

Regarding the useless Gandhi-Nehru pariwar .. who strangely holds a big charisma/appeal in the minds of lot of common man is a solution ..they be officially declared as the titular rulers of India with full luxury and benefits similar to the queen in Britain. Let India pay for each and every comfort , body guards, private planes, head of ceremonies.. always in limelight .. their charisma intact ... life time rulers of India .... in return for the promise that they will stay away from Governance and real power.

I think It will be a win-win situation for all ... anything to make sure we are saved from the misrule of the Nehru-Gandhi pariwar.

India with a highly educated high achieving middle-class is a tiger with enormous potential ...not a single nation can match it globally whether Indians in India or abroad ... but Indians desperately needs direction and good governance ... a very very critical moment in the lifetime of this nation which can make or break based on the leadership it gets...

Say No to Gandhi/Nehrus .. say Yes to NaMo .. that will guarantee a good future for India !!

Anonymous said...

Any of this does not matter. Congress will win the next election and Rahul will be our PM until his death and then his Colombian widow or son or daughter will be our leader. China will be a super power and even Sri Lanka may become an economic power, we will be still a developing country with schemes like NRGA to keep the poor in perpetual poverty.

Prudent Indian said...

Merely prosecuting Arjun Singh is not enough. It is CONgress jeans to find a scape goat to insulate the real culprits i.e Gandhi Mafioso.

Anybody who has little knowledge of Politics would endorse this that Arjun alone could not have done what he is being blamed for, he carried out orders of RG and his advisers.RG is to be blamed and Arjun too is co-conspirators.


pulkit mishra said...

Where are minority groups right now?Muslims feel that Congress is for them.Now it ts clear to everyone that thousands of inncent people lost their lives and many(read more than 1000)were Muslim brothers.The people in power were both Hindus and Muslims,but both were unscrupulos.
Heaven forbid, but people should realise that if any such accident takes place in future, no leader from B.J.P and Congress is going to help them.

Rakesh Singh - राकेश सिंह said...

kanchan da, as a common man I strongly believe that Arjun Singh is guilty (along with Rajiv Gandhi) and he need to pay for it.

But the major issue is - BJP don't have guts & courage to arrest Arjun Singh or any other congress big shots even if he is guilty. Another important point is - Media will never ever support BJP on this move. 3rd thing is - Congress will take advantage of this situation and try to put president rule in MP.

Anonymous said...

what is antonio maino's inner voice saying now....any idea?

Unknown said...

Shri Kanchan,
I am realy surprised you have fallen for the trap set by those interested in Big business in India to talk about Anderson.Why USA is leaking its CIA report on this issue?Why USA is ready to consider his extradiction?A country which was dragging its feet on Headley for more than a year who was a Pakistani origin American who has accepted his guilt.How USA will extraidct Anderson a blue bood caucasian American.
This is actually a ploy by those American funded World Bank wallhas who are ruling India and supported by Big business and Pro western media.I am dissapointed BJP has fallen for the trap.
Do you realy think Anderson came to India fter 4 days to face trail.He must have had prior Indian govermnments promise about token arrest and release.Rajiv has just taken over after Indira's assasination and 1984 sikh riots.Arjun singh must have advised him and I feel he did a correct job. Otherwise, Anderson would not have come to India at all.It is the compensatory amount of $480 million which was agreed upon at that time which might have been more but then the middlemen from business, politics and bureacrasy msut have eaten their share with a new PM at the top taking all descisions.
What about Ansal burning case, Erawadi case of chained mentallyill and all those cases in which big business can be faulted for their negligence. Why all these cases under sec 304, bailable offence of 2 years?
If BJP wants political mileage, they should conduct a safety audit of all plants churning out hazardous chemicas even now.
Even today Keshub Mahindra will not serve even the two year sentence as he is out on bail and the case is in high court, another 20 years and then supreme court and another 20 years.he will never be in Jail even for a day.

Truth Always Wins said...

Compensation is only part of the solution. The main part of the solution is JUSTICE. Bring Anderson Arjun Singh others to court, book them and jail them. A dead Rajiv Gandhi is no reason for pardon. If he is guilty then name him.

Ankur Kakkar said...

Arjun Singh has already done our country so much harm( given his dubious record has union URD minister in UPA-1)... and now comes the relevation of this Union Carbide scandal.. It is shocking how he had the guts to crib when his children were not offered a ticket to contest in the LS polls .. instead of being ashamed, he projected himself as a scapegoat and an innocent politician... There is only one verdict which a criminal like Arjun Singh deserves - a life sentence ... he is a traitor to this country ..

Sir Ignoramus said...

Sir, I completely agree with you on booking a criminal case against Arjun Singh. In spite of so much death & illness, this man whose duty was to protect the state decided to support the other way. If partners of this crime are not brought to justice then it would be difficult to trust our judicial system & our elected representatives

Anonymous said...

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