Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red Terror unabated, India watches football

Maobadis slaughter 27 CRPF jawans
.According to Chhattisgarh DGP Viswa Ranjan, at least 15 Maobadis were possibly killed when CRPF personnel retaliated during the ambush. The bodies of the Maobadis have however not been found. Maobadis are known to take away the bodies of their cadre killed in encounters with security forces.
.Around 100 Maobadis, who struck with automatic rifles, were involved in the ambush and the gunbattle lasted for two to three hours.
.The death toll in Tuesday's attack on CRPF personnel has gone up to 27 after the body of a CRPF constable was found by search parties.

Maobadis have struck again, this time in Chhattisgarh, killing 27 CRPF jawans in a deadly ambush on Tuesday, June 29. Eight security personnel (among them four SPOs of Chhattisgarh Police) were injured, five of them seriously. The attack took place while the CRPF jawans were returning after clearing a road in a remote area of Chhattisgarh's Narayanpur district. Among the dead is Assistant Commandant of the force Jatin Gulati.

Union Home Secretary GK Pillai said in New Delhi: “A large number of heavily-armed Maoists, perched on a hilltop, opened fire from automatic weapons on a 63-member security contingent which was returning on foot from road opening duty.”

The latest attack by Maobadis comes three months after the massacre of 75 CRPF jawans and one Chhattisgarh policeman in Dantewada district on April 6. On May 17, Maobadis blew up a bus carrying 50 people, including 18 special police officers, near Sukma in Dantewada. Only six people -- all seriously injured – were believed to have survived that attack; the rest, including women and children, were killed. On May 8, eight men of the CRPF were killed when Maobadis blew up a vehicle in Narayanpur district.

On May 28, Gyaneswari Express was derailed in West Bengal’s Midnapore district after men of the PCPA, a Maobadi front organisations, damaged the tracks. At least 141 passengers died after a goods train came and rammed into the derailed express almost immediately.

[My views on Maobadi attack on Gyaneswari Express on NDTV special programme.]

Some points to ponder upon:

. UPA Government continues to flounder in its search for an effective counter-Maobadi strategy.
. Ongoing security offensive remains largely ineffective as there are no well-defined objectives.
. In the absence of well-thought out tactics, Maobadis continue to have the upper hand.
. The Prime Minister is either indifferent or incompetent to deal with the Maobadi challenge.
. Manmohan Singh says Maobadis pose ‘single biggest threat to internal security’; does nothing.
. Home Minister P Chidambaram’s efforts to launch a fight-back are stymied by a ‘limited mandate’.
. CCS meets and disperses without even discussing counter-Maobadi strategy.
. Army and IAF chiefs speak out of turn ruling out military intervention.
. Coordination among States remains abysmally poor, near absent.
. Senior Ministers continue to speak in different voices on how to confont the menace.
. Sonia Gandhi and her cronies like Digvijay Singh are pushing for ‘dialogue’ and a soft line.
. Congress is a divided house: Nobody wants to take a firm stand.
. Congress’s ally Trinamool Congress won’t let UPA act with firm determination.
. Mamata Banerjee refused to blame Maobadis for Gyaneswari derailment.
. CBI inquiry shows PCPA (a Maobadi front) planned and executed Gyaneswari disaster.
. Maobadis continue to enjoy upper hand; jawans, innocents regularly with impunity.
.India continues to bleed. Urban middleclasses, since they are not affected, are not bothered.
. Media glosses over Maobadi crimes, offers platform for ‘intellectuals’ to propagate Maobadi ideology.

Trust the National Human Rights Commission, now headed by retired Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan, to claim the ‘human rights’ of Maobadis are being violated by security forces! A statement issued by NHRC on Tuesday, June 29, says:
The National Human Rights Commission has taken suo motu cognizance of media reports depicting photographs of security men carrying the bodies of Naxalites, including women, with their hands and feet tied to bamboo poles.
The report was published on the 18th June, 2010. It was alleged that the photograph was taken following an anti-Naxal operation in West Midnapore, West Bengal.
The Commission in its proceedings on the 21st June, 2010, observed that the report, if true, raises a serious issue of violation of human rights of the victims.
A notice has been issued to the Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India inviting factual report in the matter by the 27th July, 2010.
In a major success, security forces had gunned down 12 Maoists, including three women (among them one who had led the attack on the EFR camp at Sildah, West Bengal, in which 24 jawans were killed) in a fierce encounter in Ranja forest of Salboni in West Midnapore on June 16.

Since NHRC is so bothered about the ‘human rights’ of the practitioners of inhuman barbarity, they should take note of this story from Jhargram, West Bengal, filed by PTI on June 29:
A 10th class student was killed by Maoists at Jamirdiha village in West Midnapore district. Police said the bullet-riddled body of Phulchand Mahato, still in his school uniform, was found on the side of Kasmar canal Tuesday morning. The Maoists left a poster near the body proclaiming Mahto as a ‘police informer’.
Mahto had attended classes on Monday and left his Banspahari High School building in the afternoon but remained untraced ever since, prompting his family to lodge a missing report at Belhapari police station Monday night. The family identified the body on Tuesday.
It may be recalled Maobadis had raped a 16-year-old girl in Jharkhand for daring to stand up to them, and threatened to kill her if she went to the police.
Whose side is NHRC on? The people of India or those who are waging war on the state and the people of India?
Another report says:
Five Maoists, including a top aide of the outfit's senior leaders Kishenji and Telugu Dipak, were arrested from the outskirts of Kolkata on Tuesday. Acting on a tip off, five Maoists were arrested from South 24 Parganas. Of the arrested Maoists, Madhusudhan Mondal alias Narayan, Rajesh Mondal, Sachin Ghosal were arrested from Amtala, while Siddhartha and Sanjay from Garia in the district. Madhusudhan alias Narayan was the zonal committee secretary of the Maoists during the Nandigram movement and was close to Kishenji and Telugu Dipak. He arranged the stay of Kishenji when he went to Nandigram.

So Nandigram wasn't a 'people's movement' after all!

And here is a chronology of Maobadi terrorism in the past couple of years:
June 29, 2008: Maoists attack a boat on Balimela reservoir in Orissa carrying four anti-Maoist police officials and 60 Greyhound commandos, killing 38 troops.
July 16, 2008: 21 policemen killed when a police van is blown up in a landmine blast in Malkangiri district of Orissa.
April 13, 2009: 10 paramilitary troops killed in eastern Orissa when Maoists attack a bauxite mine in Koraput district.
April 22, 2009: Maoists hijack a train with at least 300 people on board in Jharkhand and force it to Latehar district before fleeing.
May 22, 2009: Maoists kill 16 policemen in the jungles of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra.
June 10, 2009: Nine policemen, including CRPF troops and officers, ambushed by Maoists during a routine patrol in Saranda jungles in Jharkhand.
June 13, 2009: Maoists launch two landmine and bomb attacks in a small town close to Bokaro, killing 10 policemen and injuring several others.
June 16, 2009: Maoists kill 11 police officers in a landmine attack followed by armed assault. In a separate attack, four policemen were killed and two others seriously injured when Maoists ambush them at Beherakhand in Palamau district.
June 23, 2009: A group of motorcycle-borne armed Maoists open fire on Lakhisarai district court premises in Bihar and free four of their comrades including the self-style Zonal Commander of Ranchi.
July 18, 2009: Maoists kill a villager in Bastar and in a separate incident torch a vehicle engaged in road construction work in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh.
July 27, 2009: Six persons killed when Maoists trigger a landmine blast at Dantewada district in Chhattisgarh.
July 31, 2009: A special police officer and another person killed by Maoists in Bijapur district.
Sep 4, 2009: Maoists kill four villagers in a forest in Aaded village in Chhattisgarh's Bijapur district.
Sep 26, 2009: Maoists kill BJP MP from Balaghat Baliram Kashyap's sons at Pairaguda village in Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh).
Sep 30, 2009: Maoists set ablaze Gram Panchayat offices at Korchi and Belgaon in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.
Oct 8, 2009: 17 policemen killed when Maoists ambushed them at Laheri police station in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.
Feb 15, 2010: 24 personnel of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR) killed as Maoists attack their camp in Silda in West Midnapore district of West Bengal.
April 4, 2010: Maoists trigger a landmine blast killing 11 security personnel of the elite anti-Maoist force Special Operations Group (SOG) in Koraput district of Orrisa.
April 6, 2010: 75 CRPF personnel and a Chhattisgarh police official killed in a Maoist attack in Dantewada district.
May 8, 2010: Eight CRPF jawans were killed when Maoists blow up a bullet-proof vehicle in Bijapur district of Chhhattisgarh.
June 29, 2010: At least 15 CRPF personnel killed in a Maoist ambush in Naraynpur district of Chhattisgarh.

[Bus attack photograph courtesy ANI.]


Aditya said...

There's a sense of anger & helplessness in me together !!...Sitting here in the US & reading all these sorts of news irritates me even more !!...let us admit frankly that our country is run by higly incompetent people[ not in terms of their resumes but actions !]... This is not the kind of India I want to feel proud abt!...Not sure Why the middle class is so silent on these ??..Do we want someone in our family to die to realize the pain & reality ??..Oh GOD other than shedding some tears & praying for those brave souls to RIP..what can I do ??

Shubha said...

Headlines of Naiduniya- a newspaper widely circulated in this part of the country has a small inconspicuous column albeit on the front page which says "Chattisgarh me phir 26 jawan shaheed" just adjoining this bit of news there is a photograph of the Chief Minister and a few others at some inaugaration. This speaks enough for the media attention to the Maobadi problem. Since when did we become so insensitive to terror killings?

Arundhati R said...

What a shame! Watching bodies of dead Jawans on TV and tweeting our outrage, instead of watching football on TV will definitely put an end to naxalite attacks.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

The privileged and chattering classes will sit up and take notice only when some among the high and mighty are seriously affected - as they did during the terrorist attacks on the posh Mumbai hotels. For some reason, the Maoists don't seem to be either willing or able to do something like that...

Sonal Jamuar said...

Sordid State of Affairs! Pathetic attitude of Governments both at the Center and state in curbing these butchers and Its really disturbing to see how can Human Rights and all other NGO's fail to see their true Face.They are threat to India's internal security and no more the downtrodden,neglected strata of society.They are the criminals not the Victims!
Lets Stop making excuses for Terrorism...

Manik Ghoshal said...

Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am deeply against any sort of communism. But unfortunately, these Leftist Terrorists have been brainwashed to believe that they are fighting a corrupt, imperialist, and blood-sucking system, which is called Gov’t of India. They don’t see any hope for progress for the tribal and poor people of their communities. Remember, Rajiv Gandhi had said in 1985 that only about 15% money allotted for the poor reach them at the grass-root. That is the real problem in the states and districts where Maobadis are thriving today. Corruption from top to bottom is the disease of which Maobadis are a symptom. The rabid dogs carrying the disease of corruption must be put down forthwith.
Alongside the Maobadis there are Christian Missionaries who are busy brain washing the same target groups in districts like Kandhmal, Singhbhum etc, to convert uneducated people to Christianity without these poor backward people getting any opportunity to know the ancient Indian Vedic culture, or the even the more mass-appealing, Ramayan and Mahabharat. An alien Jesus is being preached as the saviour against Hindu oppressions. Their poverty is invariably pointed out as a reason why they must break away from the mainstream and become a Christian or a Maobadi, and spite the majority in this country.
Those who are far-gone down the drain must be liquidated, but the fence-sitters must be brought back to the nationalist fold with love, re-education and given hope. This could stop them from going on to indulge in acts that LeT and JeM (Pakistani terrorists), would be happy to endorse and cheer-on.

Anonymous said...

The Maoist animals need to be dealt the same treatment they are giving the cops: summary executions. I feel like spitting in the face of the government. Petty employees of the government are being butchered while the political fatcats move about with the protection of NSG commandos. Thoo.

pulkit mishra said...

Well I feel that CRPF is reluctant to fight Naxalites. So many forces are working there but in 90% cases only C.R.P.F is being attacked. It shows that either they lack training or complacency of being the paramilitary soldiers is killing them.The result is same: India will be defeated by these Hooligans.

Unknown said...

The problem with intellectuals is that there are "leftists intellectuals" and " rightist intellectuals".There are no nationalis intellectulas to say the truth. UPA government has got one of the best home ministers after a long time (ofcourse any one will shine after Shivraj ptils rule).The real problem is Police leadership which is leading the CRPF and state police. Also the training part of it and Morale.Morale comes out of good training and aquired self confidence in one self, brother constables and leadership.When socalled human rights activists who have infiltrated in every part of NGO sector, it is incubant on the part of major opposition to EXPOSE THEM ESPECIALLY THOSE IN MEDIA, Mental health NGOs etc