Monday, September 14, 2009

Modi is the future. Dilli4 is the past.

It’s been a great Monday for the BJP and the larger ideological Parivar. In Gujarat, the BJP has won five of the seven Assembly seats where byelections were held on September 12. All five -- Jasdan, Chotila, Dehgam, Danta and Sami-Hariz – were held by the Congress; these are traditional strongholds of the party. Jasdan has been with the Congress since the first general election. Congress has retained Dhoraji. BJP has lost Kodinar.

The byelections have changed the configuration of the 182-member Gujarat Assembly: BJP – 122; Congress – 54; Others – six. That’s three short of what Chief Minister Narendra Modi had aimed to achieve in the 2007 Assembly poll.

In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP has wrested the Tendukheda seat from the Congress. It was considered a stronghold of State Congress president Suresh Pachauri. The Congress has retained Gohad. In the 230-member Madhya Pradesh Assembly, the configuration changes marginally: BJP –144; Congress – 69; BSP – 7; BJSP – 5; Others – four. One seat is vacant.

In Uttarakhand, the BJP has won the Vikasnagar seat, albeit by a wafer-thin margin. This gives the BJP a simple majority of 36 in the 70-member State Assembly.

[The ABVP has swept the MS University, Baroda, election. To get an idea why this is important, please read Defiling Christ is not art]

The most significant results, of course, are from Gujarat. In this summer’s Lok Sabha poll, the BJP won 15 of the 26 seats in this State; the remaining went to the Congress. Subsequently, the party lost the Junagadh Municipal Corporation election which was touted as ‘mainstream’ media as clinching evidence of Modi’s ‘declining popularity’. Some were bold enough to declare that the ‘Modi story is over’.

Not quite. People in the constituencies won on Monday had voted for Congress in 2007 and then again in the 2009 Lok Sabha poll. They have now voted BJP. Modi says the people have seen through the Congress in 100 days of UPA Government. Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi has predictably waved away the results as inconsequential. Had the Congress won, austerity be damned, champagne would have been uncorked. Arun Jaitley says it was imprudent of the Congress to “sympathise with Ishrat Jahan and her accomplices” killed in a police encounter in 2004 on election eve. Reminds me of Sonia Gandhi’s “maut ke saudagar” speech during the 2007 Assembly election.

Modi, however, needs to figure out what went wrong in Kodinar. After all, the MLA who vacated the seat was elected to the Lok Sabha on a BJP ticket from the same constituency. Was it choice of candidate? Or was it poor arithmetic in terms of local party equations?

Some conclusions that can be drawn from Monday’s results:

. BJP still remains popular at the State level. Narendra Modi and Shivraj Singh Chouhan command support and endorsement.
. Modi has reaffirmed his ability to fight back odds, imagined and real. He has demonstrated that he can finesse the Congress in elections. (In this round he didn’t even campaign, though he personally strategised every move.)
. People who voted Congress in LS poll have voted BJP in State elections.
. Endorsement of BJP State leadership highlights rejection of party’s national leadership as it exists.
. Dilli4 can’t claim any credit for Monday’s spectacular win. They had no role (and thankfully so!).

In a sense, Monday’s results have once again proved that Modi is the future. Gujarat understands this better than the BJP’s central leaders do. Will the eventual waning of Dilli4’s clout lead to realisation that the choice for the party is clear? Or will I-shall-grab-all ‘leaders’ have their way once again?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Good title, says it all quite succintly.

Larger question is what that "future" will be like.

Modi needs to set the tone and tenor for

- Institutionalized overhaul of organization with ballot as the basis for future decision making

- Expand on his articulation of "Minimum Government Maximum Governance" as the alternative platform to UPA's ostentatious austerity and one-size-fit-all centralized psuedo-progressivism

- Assure on native interests with Freedom to Faith from State/Govt interference as the starting point.

But he needs to speak out, discretion as a virtue has limited shelf life in the political context. In his case it is well past expiration date.

Arun said...

What does it take for the BJP to go beyond its current strongholds? Into states like Orissa, AP and Kerala?

non-carborundum said...

Absolutely spot on Kanchan. All is not lost yet.

Arun Narendhranath said...

This is a piece i wrote to Swapan on 6th August after JMC defeat. The media continues its tirade that Modi is not accepted outside Gujarat which is factually wrong. Theory of Rationalisation is based on my survey over a large sample of BJP workers and voters.

Part A:


Modi's has been written off in the last 70 days by every tom, dick and
harry in the media. The two major points they have raised are

a) BJP lost in most of the seats Modi campaigned in.
b) Modi despite all attempts lost the Junadagh municipal polls (a
place which was once a strong hold of the BJP).

This has brought a lot of cheers among the members of the congress
party, congress leaning dynastical press & media and the Modi-baiters
in BJP. The rebuttals to these charges are

A)Coming to states where Modi was incharge.
• Gujarat is his home turf and he was expected to deliver atleast 20
seats but he failed. This is because Modi/BJP tried to include few
more social groups into core vote bank and the congress used
opportunity to pit Modi against the Leuver Patels and they temporarily
succeeded. Always temporary success does not last (muslim votes for
SP, Marathi votes for MNS – if you closely observe the Maharashtra
assem elections, you will find that Marathi in Mumbai, Thane, Nashik
belt who voted for MNS are now coming back to SHS. Uddhav is
generating a lot of hope in the Marathi voters. Observers will also
find that P Ambedkar (vidharbha dalit man), Raju shetti (sugar price
politician), PWPI all are leaning to Sena-BJP). The temporary success
of the congress in Gujarat has made congress party and its affiliated
media groups to turn a blind eye to the long-term success awaiting BJP
in Gujarat.

Arun Narendhranath said...

• Coming to Maharashtra, we have to acknowledge the fact that Sena
votes did not get transferred to the BJP because of MNS. It is too
much to expect from Modi to nullify MNS effect with his 20 minutes
speeches. If someone doubts Modi’s popularity in the state, he/she
should been to his rallies in the state. Modi provoked interest in the
people of the state but could not translate interest into votes as he
was not the PM candidate.
• Whenever we look at the larger picture we tend to ignore the minute
details. Looking closely at the victories in Daman & Nagar Haveli and
the tight finish in south Goa, Modi’s critics will acknowledge the
deep popularity that Modi enjoys among youngsters. All these seats
till last elections were cake-walks for the congress but now Modi has
turned it around. Interesting unlike Maha (Pawar + Sonia + MMS Vs
Advani + Uddav + Modi) these seats had a lot more influence of
national leaders (Modi Vs Rahul) in the results outcome. Also state
leaders had till role in these UTs (Maha already has heavy-weight
state leaders).
• Finally coming to the overall impact of Modi in the general
elections. Modi was so powerful that he ended up damaging Advani
whereas Rahul supplemented Rahul. This is because people were well
aware that MMS was the gulaal of the family and Modi had no control
over Modi. Modi travelling across the country only left despair in
BJP-leaning voters (why is Advani not passing on the mantle to such a
capable leader like Modi) ultimately damaging the party. We normally
assume that Modi supporters will vote for BJP, it is not true and can
be explained by the theory of Rationalization/ decision making. (Read
the below article on decision making).

B) If the congress and media think that Lok Sabha results and the JMC
results are the beginning of the end of Modi then they are grossly
mistaken. Infact these results are bad new for the congress, the
results have thrown a challenge to Modi. The fact is that Modi becomes
stronger after every challenge (earthquake is a case point). Had Modi
won 22 seats in the LS and JMC he would have had no challenges. The
moment Modi gets a challenge/ problem he comes out with flying
colours. The only situation in which the congress can defeat Modi is
when Modi faces no challenges. Congress walas- the tip to defeat Modi:
is never pray god asking him to trouble Modi with peroblems.

I hope (with my broken English) I have come half way in rebutting the
theories floating around Modi’s end. I can only recall what
Swaminathan Iyer wrote on capitalism few months back. “In my youth,
the Communist Party politburo would meet after every recession and
declare "capitalism is now in its final death throes." In fact,
capitalism re-invented itself and grew constantly stronger, while the
recession-free communist system collapsed.” He argued that more the
number of tests capitalism faced, stronger it become. I think the same
applies to Namo also.

Arun said...

Part C

Theory of Rationalization:Why we don’t always choose our favorite option

If you are like many people, you enjoy chocolate and eat it
frequently. That’s okay, you might think. After all, chocolate has
antioxidants and it boosts your mood. Although this may be true, it is
not the real reason why you eat chocolate: it is just a line of
reasoning you follow to feel less guilty about eating something high
in fat and sugar. People often rationalize in this way, telling
themselves stories of sometimes dubious merit to justify their
behavior. New work by Timothy Feddersen (Professor of Managerial
Economics and Decision Sciences at the Kellogg School of Management)
shows how rationalization—once studied mainly in psychology—impacts
choices and can help economists understand why people make decisions
that violate standard economic theories.
“People have preferences. But they cannot choose any old thing they
like because they have to be able to rationalize the choice,”
explained Feddersen, who collaborated on this project with Alvaro
Sandroni (Professor of Political Economy and Professor of Managerial
Economics and Decision Sciences at the Kellogg School of Management)
and Vadim Cherepanov (an economist at the University of Pennslyvania).
He invoked the basic economic principle of constrained optimization,
by which individuals seek the greatest possible benefit given the
limitations and demands of a situation. “Rationalization means that
people are constrained optimizers, and one of the constraints [in the
way of choosing a preference] is that they have a psyche that requires
a rationale,” he said.
In 1920 Sigmund Freud described the id, ego, and superego in his
seminal essay “Beyond the Pleasure Principle.” He introduced the idea
of defense mechanisms, which humans use to quell anxiety created when
we feel we cannot do what we want and still be rational. While Freud
was the first to describe the concept of defense mechanisms, it was
one of his colleagues who identified one defense mechanism in
particular a few years earlier. In his 1908 article “Rationalization
in Every-Day Life,” Ernest Jones wrote, “Everyone feels that as a
rational creature he must be able to give a connected, logical, and
continuous account of himself, his conduct, and opinions, and all his
mental processes are unconsciously manipulated and revised to that

Everyone feels that as a rational creature he must be able to give a
connected, logical, and continuous account of himself, his conduct,
and opinions, and all his mental processes are unconsciously
manipulated and revised to that end.

The “Warm Glow” Model
Feddersen has spent much of his career examining human conduct and
opinions as expressed through voting behavior. He has explored why
people continue to show up at polls even though each individual vote
has little impact on the larger election. Feddersen and Sandroni
developed an “ethical voter” model, which states that people feel
personally validated by voting for a candidate they feel is morally or
ethically superior. From this model they developed what they call a
“warm glow” model, suggesting that people vote because being a
responsible citizen simply feels good.
Some economists have struggled to explain behaviors that violate
standard choice theory, and wondered if the warm glow model could
explain such anomalies. According to this theory, a person has a set
of preferences. He prefers X over Y, Y over Z, and therefore should
always prefer both X and Y over Z. But sometimes he might choose Z
anyway. Feddersen and his colleagues did not think that the warm glow
argument provided the best explanation for such violations of standard
theory. So they began to look at rationalization as a way to
understand this seemingly odd behavior.

Arun Narendhranath said...

To put a human face on the mathematical proofs they describe,
Feddersen and colleagues tell the story of a woman named Dee. Dee
decides to leave work early to celebrate with her friend Sally, who
just got a new job. As Dee prepares to leave the office, she gets a
call from her coworker, Kathy, who is in the hospital and would like
visitors. Dee then calls Sally to tell her she can no longer celebrate
because work is pressing and stays at the office.
This common type of behavior violates standard economic theory.
Initially, Dee seems to prefer Sally over work. When a third option is
introduced—the hospital—this preference for Sally over work should not
change. Even if Dee ranks her preferences as (1) hospital, (2) Sally,
and (3) work, she should still never choose work over Sally. Yet that
is exactly what Dee chose, work instead of Sally, in violation of
standard theory.
No Rationalization, No Decision
Feddersen’s rationalization model provides an intuitive explanation
for Dee’s behavior. “We can understand why—when we introduce this
third alternative—Dee can’t visit her friend Sally. She can’t
rationalize it,” he said. That is, a decision that cannot be
rationalized is a decision that cannot be made.
Dee can always find rationalizations to stay at work—work is pressing.
And she can also rationalize leaving work early to visit Sally because
friendship is sometimes more important than work. This is the
rationale Dee originally uses. But once she learns that Kathy is in
the hospital, Dee can no longer rationalize visiting Sally because
Kathy needs her support more. This new information, having made it
impossible to rationalize her original preference to have fun with
Sally, leaves Dee with only two options—stay at work or visit the
hospital. Because she prefers staying at work to visiting the
hospital, Dee chooses to stay at work.
Feddersen’s work illustrates how an inability to rationalize a
preference can constrain our ability to pick a favored option.
Moreover, “rationalization theory reveals a unique preference order in
a variety of cases when standard theory cannot,” wrote Feddersen and
colleagues. This is important to economists and policy makers who can
only observe behaviors and choices, from which they must infer
people’s preferences.
According to Feddersen, the research raises two questions for the
future. First, why are people rationalizers? And second, how does a
group decide which rationales are acceptable? “We’re sometimes
constrained to choose what we would like by our inability to
rationalize. And the question is, ‘Why would we be limited by that?’”

Arun Narendhranath said...


Kodinar is the Leuver Patel effect. If Anandiben Patel succeeds Modi then BJP can rid of this problem.

Indian Nationalist said...

I do not know that much English like Offstumped, but BJP will survive only if made the leader of the party soon.

Arun Narendhranath said...

Typographical mistakes:

"Modi was so powerful that he ended up damaging Advani
whereas Rahul supplemented Rahul. This is because people were well
aware that MMS was the gulaal of the family and Modi had no control
over Modi."

read as

"Modi was so powerful that he ended up damaging Advani
whereas Rahul supplemented MMS. This is because people were well
aware that MMS was the gulaal of the family and Modi had no control
over Advani."

Balaji Chitra Ganesan said...

yup, Modi is the future in fools paradise. Really how dumb can BJP supporters be? Are you gonna turn the party into a ashram devoid of any desires, namely of returning to power at the center?

1. the party is non-existent in several states.
2. most regional parties are reluctant to ally with BJP.
3. in crucial states like UP, Muslim vote still decides the outcome.
4. urban middle class hates rabble rousing Hinduvadis.

and you guys come with one guy who is certain to remind people of all the reasons they hate the BJP for?

and when that guy is likely to spend the next several years running circles around courts trying to prove that he is not a mass murderer?

Naveen Joshi said...

Very well said Kanchan da, at least you keep showing mirrors to "them" :)

mpanj said...

One thing this election proves is that NaMo is a learning machine.

I cant think of one political mind in post-emergency India with this ability to learn and transform.

Most politicans are one-trick-ponies.

Once the Mandal, Mandir, Garibi Hatao, etc. magic expires - so does their political innings.

Not with NaMo. I cant wait to see him destroy Congress when he comes to the center.

What's amazing is that we can see the same strength in Mohanji Bhagwat.

If the trinity of Modi-Bhagwat-Shourie takes over, not only will BJP benefit, but it will affect a seismic shift in India's political, economic and military future.

And they all have 10-15 years ahead of them.

With Shivraj Chuahan (at 50) close behind.

mpanj said...

Namo needs to be properly introduced to the nation.

He did make one 'mistake' during the LS elections.

His campaign was too Gujarat centric.

I heard comments from dedicated BJP voters who felt like he was bragging about Gujarat.

He needs to present his obvious achievements more as a template for national renewal. A proof-of-concept, rather than a 'look what we have done in Gujarat'.

His achievements in Gujarat is the perfect answer to any critic that questions his vision.

mpanj said...

Events of the not so distant future are aligning to leave India with little choice than to place its reigns in the hands of Namo.

When economic, ecological and military challenges come knocking - Only one man will have the proven credentials to meet them headon.

India will beg for a second Shivaji.

India already has one.

Anonymous said...

Shivashahi did not last even one generation.

Swabhimaan said...

@mpanj, i liked ur formulation.

Viva Kermani said...

To write off Modi was foolish by those who did - he stands taller than ever

Anonymous said...


Naren/mpanj/offstumped have pretty much captured what I would have liked to say on the subject.

Certain facts, I would like to add:

(1) By stimulating the organization effectively, NaMo has shown that even without his presence, Gujarat can be retained by BJP. (This is good news for his deployment in Center)

(2) There is reference to Junagadh elections by many. At Junagadh municipal elections BJP got 10% more votes than congress, though the vote distribution, congential muslim antipathy towards Hindu BJP helped congress I (islami-isai).

(3) Balaji who perhaps would like to see BJP (at least its commitment to native Indians) crumble has repeated "mass murderer" canard. Some realities for him:
(a) Natives including middle class are not too bothered about post Godhra. Many believe what happened was probably good expressing this by repeatedly voting NaMo. In fact most believe NaMo will achieve superior growth while keeping islamic fascism/xian evangelical deceit under check. This has been validated by how Gujaratis vote.
(b) Muslims voting for BJP in large numbers is a chimera, not going to materialise in the short term if at all ever. In UP Kalyan Singh won without hardly any muslim vote for BJP. BJP has to work on Hindu consolidation the only long term solution to fix muslim vote bank politics.
(c) At best a congressi kangaroo court and its complicit media sucklings can throw muck on NaMo. (like the fake banerjee report, tehelka tapes et. al). Likely hood of conviction is remote. The muck wont stick and will strengthen NaMo as a defender of native interests.

4. Offstumped as suggested that NaMo should speak up. The crescendo should be built bottom up. MB, LKA understand NaMo's strengths and it will be surprising if they fail to effectively leverage that. NaMo it is probable is making his moves behind the scenes.

Raaghu said...

@mpanj - regarding Modi 'bragging' about Gujarat

I guess that impression stemmed from the fact that Modi was not the PM candidate this time around. So when he went campaigning, he could talk only about what he has achieved in Gujarat - he couldn't talk about what he would achieve in Delhi because he wasn't going there! Though he did do his best to portray that as what Advaniji would do in Delhi, well, that just doesn't come off too well, does it.

I don't think the voters felt the 'bragging', it was more like whats the point. Your not going to be running the government or even in the Govt. or even in Delhi, so why hear about your successes.

Still I believe Modi did do his best to present them as 'proof of concept', atleast from the YouTube videos of his speeches.

Come 2014, we will obviously have the advantage of Modi directly talking about his own accomplishments.

One line in your comment I liked - 'Present his accomplishments as a template for national renewal'. Well put. When we hit the next elections, we should have a well developed template on the kinds of policies the hypothetical BJP Govt would follow, largely based on accomplishments of all State BJP govts with an obvious concentration on Modi's Guj Govt. Our manifesto for this election wasn't bad at all, it must be said, but it was portrayed terribly by the media. The next manifesto we come up with should stay absolutely clear of ideological pitfalls. That doesn't mean we give up on our ideology - the manifesto is meant to attract those incremental 'independent' voters.

Anyway, heres hoping to see a lot of Modi in the upcoming Maharashtra elections.

Swabhimaan said...

Watched TV. Security threat from China all over. I am wondering whether our PM learnt to deny everything from the Pakis and his Chini bhais or he taught them this art.

Build infrastructure for border areas. Commonwealth countries won't fight our wars. Why is the BJP just letting this go by?

Indian Nationalist said...

Sorry to offend my English speaking friends.

Come 2014, Modi vs Rahul Gandhi it will be.

Modi should tell these to the public of India

a. 10 Years of dedicated services to Gujarat with average 10% growth rate.

b. Strong man against terrorism and above all Islam(Much Much stronger than Bush) - proof caught Gujarat bomb blast terrorist within 24 hours of attack.

He is that kind of man that he will take the attack into the territory of Pakistan if need be.

c. Hang Afzal and other terrorists immediately after victory.

d. His Oratorial skills and stunning speeches creating intense nationalistic appeal.

Compare that to Rahul Gandhi who:

a. Has no educational degree.

b. Has absolutely no political experience except being rubber stamp MP from remote amethi.

c. His speech is more suited for selecting women judges in beuty contest.

If the Congress is foolish enough like the weimer republic, it will place Rahul Gandhi against Modi.

Modi will launch a Blitzkreig (no offense to Poland intended) where he will address 10 cities in One day on his aircraft.

The result will be:

A stunning victory for Modi with full majority to BJP.

EVM Rigging / Muslim Vote/ Christian Vote/Communist Vote will make no difference in the eventual result then.

Samudra said...

Who are the Dilli4: Jaitley, Sushma, Vekaiah and Anant??

Anonymous said...

One sees irrational exuberance here at few wins by BJP (and irrational depression at loss few month ago). Barring a national event or tragedy (1971, 1977, 1984), elections for LS are now an aggregation of local ones and so wins or losses in one often do not carry onto others (2003 wins in MP, Raj, CS vs LS loss in 2004; UPA win or rather NDA loss in 2004 did not result in many state wins for Cong in next five years and then not a loss for LS in 2009)! Further, right or wrong, Modi and BJP carry a lot of negative baggage thanks to both a hostile media and their own conduct and utterances (things were colling down and here come Singhal and Katiyar with comments that will help BJP-baiting media to fuel the factional fire)! So, there is lot of work is needed to offset this image (as also show the real face of the Mother Superior, Yuvaraj and Dr Fake Singh) if BJP has to have any chance in 2014. Which also means it should not waste time, energy and capital on useless debates (Hindutva), petty issues (Jinnah, bans) or avoidable violence (v-day, nude pics, chruch). This does not mean they should not defend their ideology vigorously but talking about a temple, Hindutva, etc every 2nd day does not appeal to ordinary persons (more concerned with daily struggle). Similarly, use of shrill language never helps in long run. One of the reasons media so hated LK Advani in early 90's was that they could not tag him the same way they could a Singhal or Togadia! Another thing is to 100% avoidance of physical fist fighting (church, nude paintings, etc) which are not issues to be dealt with physically but intellectually (like Shourie has done about conversion). A big IF as there are many Congress moles in BD, VHP and other sundry senes who can be counted to do stupid things that get RSS-BJP-VHP lot of bad publicity (later made worse by sutpid or worse resposnes of Parivaar leaders).

Anonymous said...

Spectator’ Modi pads up and wins cricket trophy

Wasting talent, skills, time on such petty, useless (and thankless)issues.

neoman said...

what's that awkward pose Modi, you look so backward in the photo.

Anonymous said...

it is not time for celebration, it's so common a ruling government winning bi-elections with loads of money and power? not so go, national elections proved what modi mettle was.

Rahul said...

Kudos for your role in bringing down the latest Congress' educated middle class poster boy Shashi Tharoor.

I have the greatest admiration and respect for Shashi Tharoor, but I have to wonder whether he is having second thoughts. He is clearly in the role of 'right man, wrong party'. He is a doer, an achiever, and is probably feeling out of place in a party where tokenism is more important than achievement.

Maybe many of the urban educated middle classes feel that 'Shashi Tharoor is too good for Indian Politics'. I think Amitabh Bachan's pronouncement fits for Tharoor, 'I am not good enough for Indian Politics'.

Shashi should have stuck to writing books and making speeches. Relentless self-aggrandizement is his only flaw.

Oldtimer said...

When Linux appeared on the server market scene in late 90's, there was much excitement among the anti-Microsoft crowd. It was expected that Windows would take a hit. As it turned out, Linux ended up contributing to the decline of other Unix variants (such as Solaris) by eating into their market share, while MSFT continued to dominate the market.

What Linux did to Unices, Modi seems to have done to Advani. Unwittingly, of course.

Nik2009 said...

You were going to blog about the magistrate report on the Ishrat jahan controversy. What happened?
Waiting to read your piece on that.

Communal said...

While the country has been kept busy with this austerity and other such bull crap, Chinese are happily encroaching into Indian territory. This news has been duly swept under the carpet.

"The firing in an area identified as Kerang in northern Sikkim took place a fortnight ago but has been kept under wraps. It was confirmed on Monday by a highly-placed intelligence source, who is not authorised to give information to the media. ITBP officials at its headquarters in New Delhi declined to confirm the incident. "

Vikas Gupta said...

The country will be doomed if this killer is the future! He is as heinous as Md. Ali Jinnah, if not more, whom you have pilloried in your preceding post.

Communal said...

@Vikas Gupta

Going by your comment, then Gujarat must be at the bottom by all possible index of development. Gujarat should have been doomed by now because the so called person has been its CM for past 8 years.

But by all benchmarks, Gujarat seems to be doing much better than any of the states which may be taken as paragon of secularism.

Swabhimaan said...

Please check the profile of Vikas.His words reflect his mood. We should sympathize with him.

Twitter news was amusing. Fascist Congress exposed. They don't like to be called 'holy cows'. Guess this is because of their allergy to anything that sounds Hindu :)

Deshabhakta said...


Vikas Gupta said...

@ Communal: Just because development is happening does not mean everything is fine.

@Swabhimaan, thanks for pointing it out! I have edited out the 'unemployed and sad portion'! If you are hinting at the JNU tag, you are free to jump to your conclusions. BTW i have done a post on my blog on the latest Tharoor-Kanchan-austerity twitter controversy!

Indian Nationalist said...

@Old Timer I dont know what u are talking about but Linux occuppies the largest Market share among Server Operating Systems.

Plus Linux is the fastest growing OS in the server markets.

If you are talking about Desktop Market then Yes MS holds a lead in that. However Mac OS(Another Unix type) is fast capturing that market too.

Indian Nationalist said...

@Vikas Gupta is another confused macaulay fed with the day in and day out dose of secularism, democracy and english education at JNU.

Vikas Gupta said...

@Indian Nationalist

I'm not a Macaulay for your information.

You may not understand me when I say that nobody gives you that dose in JNU on secularism or democracy [you are free to decide your destiny; look carefully elsewhere and you will know how subtle indoctrination is happening].

As for the English education, get this straight that the number of Hindi speaking people, Hindi loving people is more in JNU! There is a good no. of professors in JNU who use Hindi and a good no. of students who write entrance exams in Hindi or use Hindi profusely! I also have many blog posts in Hindi on my blog.

Shed your stereotyping of JNU [and that cliched comment as well].

Communal said...

@vikas Gupta

Then pray, what is the scale for measuring whether things are fine?

Swabhimaan said...

"nobody gives you that dose in JNU on secularism or democracy"

Spot on. I think that u get an overdose of socialism, communism, fascism and secularism of a particular type. That leaves little room for anything else.

Anonymous said...

For those, who are calling Modi a killer.

Please read this - an unbiased story of what happened during and after Godhra.

Anonymous said...

If Modi wants to be PM, he has to settle this matter - whether it is wrong or right or created by ELM etc, but he (and BJP) has got an issue; perception is an important aspect in public life! Calling people names will not solve that problem.

Arun said...


Please stop JNU crooks from infiltrating this blog.

Assholes who hijacked the university after the assassination of LB Shastri in Russia at the behest of IG are still manipulating the history in their favour.

After all these swines were holding red flags and were on the wrong side of history in 1962 before entering JNU.

PS: JNU recently had a session calling 9/11 a Jewish conspiracy. They now have theories to claim that Jews are not natives of Israel.

Swabhimaan said...

Who said politics is boring? Thanks Kanchan :)

Tharoor is lonely because he doesn't get along with 'Tom', Dick and Harry.
One way the Congress is calling the External Affairs Minister mentally sick. This is serious! Lets quarantine him.

The cattle are amused, only the holy cows are offended.

Karmasura said...

Modi is a Gujarati Ghanchi.. who are reputed to be one of the most wiliest of gujarati businessmen. Expect him to come out of any adversity with the rubber side down.. a majority of Ghanchis are born cunning..

Btw.. it's his birthday today..

Swabhimaan said...

Who said politics is boring? Thanks Kanchan :)

Tharoor is lonely because he doesn't get along with 'Tom', Dick and Harry.
One way the Congress is calling the External Affairs Minister mentally sick. This is serious!

The cattle are thoroughly amused, only the holy cows are offended :) :)

Anonymous said...

@ Vikas Gupta

Hey lowlife stop ur nonsense

Swabhimaan said...

Why doesn't Rudy let us enjoy this? Is he also lonely?

Swabhimaan said...

Why doesn't Rudy let us enjoy this? Is he also lonely or is he another holy cow on this side of the fence?

Rukhsar said...

The readers and commentators on this blog are hot headed fundamentalists who do not have any sympathy for opposing viewpoints!

Enjoy feeling happy in your nest!

Arun said...

In the recent concluded Lok Sabha elections, Modi campaign failed even in Maharashtra. Enough analysis has been done. Now it is being swept aside and replaced with some imaginative ones.

If you want the BJP to turn into a regional party, Modi is the answer.

Arun said...


Modi has taken Gujarat global, if he leads BJP & India he would make India Universal


Most of the members who visit the blog are Modi Bhakths. As Modi is so are his followers. They do not tolerate nonsense.

Ankit said...

Awesome post !

Modi is the most misunderstood CM in the history.
Itz high time for bjp to take out ppl like modi,sidhu(his speech can even titillate deaf), ananth kr from itz arsenal.

Animesh said...

Very good analysis. BJP lost badly in parliament elections because of not projecting Modi as a PM candidate. At least now they should correct the mistake if they are serious about getting back to delhi in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Recently we learned that Narendra Modi will be taking over Gujarat Cricket Board from Congress.

So does congress control of GCB explain 3 gujarati muslims in Indian Cricket team?

Anonymous said...

I think communists/far-left-loonies/pseudo-secularists are resorting to innovative methods in their psychological war against Gujaratis.

Until the by-elections they tried the accusations of communalism/religious-fanaticism. As it didn't work they are using the accusation of Male-Chauvinistic-Pig/ uncivilized-barbarindians/lechs etc.

This is no different from the Imperial British propaganda to paint Indians as barbarians and thus rationalize their illegitimate rule to civilize them.

PS: These days I am kind of concluding that most of news items on MSM, esp on prime-time are congress-organized-tamashas to serve congress' interests.

Anonymous said...

barbarindian said on twitter:
Australians permanently soured at South Asians after that incident.
In the open: rapists campaign of vicious assaults - National -

I dont think they are so dumb that they can't distinguish b/n Paki Muslim fanatics and Indian Hindus & Sikhs.

Many seemed to be discounting the hurt and offense our opportunistic politicians and cricket-fanatics caused to Aussie pride.

First our puppet PM Manmohan Singh says he loses sleep over Muslim terror suspect Mohamed Haneef and blames Australian law enforcement for over-reacting etc. Many Australians boycotted Indian professional services in Australia as protest for a brief time.

Then our Cricket fanatics humiliate Australian coach Greg Chappell to protect incompetent and arrogant captain Sourav Ganguly and almost throw him out of our country. We should realize that sports-obsession is a luxury third world countries can not afford.

And our idiot Harbhajan Singh calls Andrew Symonds a monkey. Though I suspect he might have said "Teri Maa ki" ( ---- your mother) which might have been misheard as "monkey" due to Australians' no knowledge of Hindi.

Manmohan Singh and Harbhajan Singh are the reason, Australians seemed to be having special hatred for Sikhs out of all Indians.

Ram said...

Cant wait to see u on IBN tonite on cattlegate...take Sagarika down!!

BTW, I entirely expect IBN to fawn over blue eyed boy Tharoor, and since IBN cant blame the Congress for the controversy (thats sacrilege!), they will try and blame u for it. Be prepared for that.

Oldtimer said...

"Cattle class" is a well-known pejorative for airline Economy segment. Kanchan Gupta didn't invent it, so how can any bimbo blame him for it? And he is not in public office either to have to be conscious of politically correct terminology.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to IBN Kangaroo court? my advice, use video conferencing instead of going to their studios.

mpanj said...

@Arun, @Rukhsar,

its not that folks on this platform have blind faith in NaMo. Its just that people like you come with little or no facts and make wild allegations against the single most effective leader India has seen since Independence.

When every independent (and unbaised) observer like Anklesaria Iyer, Ratan Tata, etc. are singing his praises, when the Gujarati voter keeps reiterating his/her faith in this man how can anyone deny his astounding capability as a leader.

I dont know how long you have followed Indian politics and at what depth, but please name one leader with his proven credentials.


mpanj said...

On Maharastra. Trust me, there isnt one Maharastrian that does not envy Gujaratis for producing a leader like NaMo.

Other nations might be blessed with an unending supply of such entities but in India all we have received are spineless slaves.

That is also why NaMo stands out.

Imagine for once second if MNS wasnt around - BJP/SS would have garnered 32-34 seats.

MNS captured 1 lakh+ votes in 11 of the 12 constituencies.

Priya Dutt was the only MP whose vote share was > MNS+BJP/SS.

Sanjay Nirupam won by a mere 5000 votes.

MNS played spoiler. Not NaMo.

Ask any M'rastrian who knows about NaMo and you will receive an earful.

"Why cant we produce a leader like him".

As more of India becomes acquainted with him, trust me - that quote will be heard in every Indian language with the same degree of frustration and hope.

Rukhsar said...

"Single Most effective leader since independence"!!!!!!! Jesus Christ, dont' make me laugh!

Even Kanchan will laugh at that! Stop praising a killer! This most effective leader had no gumption to accept his crimes and had walked out of Karan Thapar interview and whatnot!

Promote the right people, people! Even the BJP has many good leaders! Don't praise somebody whose henchmen have slit open wombs to kill Muslims!

Indian Nationalist said...


Muslim have been killing Hindus ever since Mohd Ghazni thought that the land after Iran was worth visiting.

It never stopped and kept carrying on during Direct Action day and even Godhra was a carnage originally done by the Muslims.

Muslims have killed more than approx 300 million Hindus over 1200 years and an entire generation of over 3 billion Hindus were not able to born due to this.


Even if an Entire Subcontinent Muslims are Exterminated by Hindus still we will not be EVEN.

So shut up and watch the fun.

Rukhsar said...

@Indian Nationalists and everybody

Shame be on you! I wonder if Kanchan also thinks like you!

I am really shutting up! You and kanchan enjoy! Kanchan's blog is a meeting place of fundamentalists and goons! Enjoy your nest, as I had said! Good bye!

P.S.: Dont' forget to take Kanchan along when you go killing next time!

Swabhimaan said...

@Rukhsar, We were enjoying..u disturbed our peace, rather twitter fun.

Why does Modi have to swallow every word of Mr. Thapar? Thapar is not God. Modi knows how to set his terms of talking. Others (esp. for BJP spokespersons) can learn how to be firm from him and reject the shit that keeps flowing uncontrolled...even if that means walking out of stuffy, manipulated studios and 'elitist' channels.

@Indian Nationalist, please control your emotions. We can talk without getting hyper.

Kanchan Gupta said...

@Rukhsar: Relax. Debate is about violently clashing ideas, not tamely agreeing to every thing.

mpanj said...

Rukhsar baba,

no facts, no research, no counter points, nothing. Just the usual flame throwing.

And ofcourse like a true pseudo, no names of illustrious leaders from the 'secular' pantheon, to stand up to NaMo's achievements.

You and your ilk have nothing. NOTHING.

Nothing but the corrupt, desh drohi brigage that kisses the ground Soniaji and her corrupt brood walks on.

Nothing but a bunch of thugs whose only MO is divide-and-rule.

I repeat, like your alter ego - Balaji, if you cant come up with some facts .... shut the f... up, because this is not the studio of NDTV where your mama Barkha Dutt can load the audience with spineless IBCDs like you.

IBCD = Indian Born Confused Desi.

Sudhakar Menon said...

Dear mpanj,

>>I repeat, like your alter ego - Balaji, if you cant come up with some facts .... shut the f... up

All you guys getting so worked up at Comrade Lashkar's flamebaits kind of amuse me, actually. You should try logic.

I contend that casualties in riots should reflect the respective numerical strengths of the warring parties, in inverse proportion to their representation in total population. Since Hindus outnumber Muslims 9 to 1 in Gujarat, the 2001 riots should have seen nine times as many Muslim victims as Hindu. If the government helped Hindu rioters, Muslim casualties should be even higher. But do the math. The non-Teesta-Setalvad numbers of the dead in the riots are 750 Muslims to 250 Hindus. Baselining the Hindu number at 250, the Muslim figure should be 250*9 = 2250.

In other words, the killers of Hindus got more than what they wanted. Comrade Lashkar, Teesta Setlavad (who justified Sabarmathi burning right after the incident), and people like an extreme Left-wing blogger who jumped to Setalvad's defence recently on a rightwing blog -- they are all acutely aware of this fact. So why do they whine on endlessly, pulling this "moral outrage" stunt as if it's a matter of daily routine like defecating in the morning?

It is a ploy to justify more killings of innocent Hindus. Just as Teesta Setalvad blamed Sabarmathi Express burning on the grave "provocation" of the victims' visit to Ayodhya, Comrade Lashkar and gang want to justify the continued terrorist killings of innocent people as a "retribution" for Gujarat. But supposing such "retribution" dynamics really played out, then the retribution for Gujarat 2002 should come from Hindu terrorists targetting innocent Muslims, not the other way round.

Admire Comrade Lashkar (and his friends Setalvad, Arundhati Roy etc) for their brilliant sleight of hand.

Dhruv said...

Modi is not only BJP's future but India's as well ....

Gujaratis after disappointing him a bit in the parliament elections have realised their mistake and understood what Modi means to their prosperity and well-being.

Anonymous said...

It is a reasonable assumption that voters of Gujarat know Mr Modi - his + and - ves fairly well. And, almost 48% did NOT vote for him or BJP in the last state elections. Yes, he became a good administrator AFTER the riots but he has his flaws as well! If BJP puts all its eggs in one basket, it will come to a grief -again.
One thing bothersome here is a quick imputation of motives to those who take contrary position. Not everyone who is not inlined to sing bhajans of Mr Modi are anti-BJP!

Anonymous said...

What happens if courts find Mr Modi guilty of negligence or worse in 2002?

Anonymous said...

We accept this in public or not but the fact is majority of Hindus privately believe (despite propaganda of traitor left-liberal media) 2002 Gujarat riots were spontaneous, natural, uncontrollable and to some extend justified reaction of Hindus. Period. I personally also believe so. I don't have an iota of sympathy with those who were killed in riots though I sympathize with the victims of Godhra carnage despite being the hater of intellectually deficient chaddiwallahs.

Modi's role:

Modi has no role in riots. Rather public at large believe Modi has done a great job by letting the "public tumult" loose on the followers of evil faith. I'm no fanatic or loony I know I'm sounding like one but the fact --and I'm ready to wager anything on this-- is public thinks that way!

Those folks whose understanding of politics is based on ignorance or or on news feeded by media think "Modi has bad image", "Modi is not accpetable all over India", "Modi is murderer", "Modi has limited appeal" etc. They r free to think like that but alas their Vir Sanghvi like thinking is not going to alter the fact. The fact that very mention of Modi's names as BJP president or PM candidate charges up the cadre of BJP ALL OVER INDIA. It means his appeal isn't limited to few states or Gujrat. Cadres know the reality better than us. So internet based suckers who baits Modi should shut up and get lost.

That being said I'd like to emphasize BJP can't come to power at center on the basis of Modi alone. To come in power it needs to transform into pan India party from India's LARGEST REGIONAL party .

Anonymous said...

I don't have an iota of sympathy with those who were killed in riots

But many were as innocents as those killed in Godhra. Both were wrong - any innocent killed anywhere is wrong and condemnable.

Any wonder, middl-class Hindus left BJP in 2004 and what was a trickle became a flood in 2009. They indeed got lost and went over to the other side.

Swabhimaan said...

the last @anonymous is mistaken. Middle-class (infact all classes) Hindus were upset with the BJP because of the Mandir issue. Those who thought that BJP was 'communal' and 'extremist' would have never voted for it even in 2004.

Here, I would point out that such kind of people were in all likelihood against the Ram Mandir as well and didn't vote for the BJP even at the height of the movement. They obviously didn't change sides. So the reason for the fall in vote share is something else, not Gujarat riots or the 'communal' tag.

Detailed analysis is available on various blogs and sites.

Dhruv said...

Even for BJP, I think Modi is the unifying factor ....
Yourself, Swapan, Arun Shourie (guess) , Chandan .. all of you have your own, sometimes differing views as to what is good for BJP ... but guess every one wants Modi to lead BJP in the near future.

mpanj said...

Ah! when all else fails - sing the 48% tune.

Well you leftists (even those masquerading behind right wing sympathies) seem to be unacquainted with that old word:

Its called Democracy.

Obama won by what 53-47. So Obama was what???

Your Soniaji won with 28%.

YSR (RIP) won with 40% vote....

Tell me when to stop.

That is the nature of present day democracy.

NaMo's 52% (or was it more), is almost unheard of in the post-Mandal era.

Your Congress geniuses use divide-and-rule to win elections.

Soniaji's Politics of Patronage


Namo's Politics of Performance.

There is a reason why supporters of NaMo are so committed to his leadership.

We share a vision and against all odds, this man, and this man alone delivers. OVer and over again.

One small note. None of you clowns have responded with our earlier request:

Anyone across the political spectrum (Left, right, center, up or down) who can put up their performance record against that of NaMo.


manish said...

hi kanchan, you are right when you say modi is the future but it is importantnt not to go overboard about bypoll victories because current bjp leadership uses these small victories to claim nothing needs to change. Modi parrikar combination will be really good for bjp and india.

Dhruv said...

When people try to measure/define Modi's capabilities in terms being a mere effective administrator and a clever politician, they only partially understand what Modi means to India and Gujarat !!

No leader , no politician, no civil servant , no figure in public life.. past or present ...have made such huge contribution in improving the aam-admi's quality of life.

Whether global warming , supporting farmers, water table, helping people without appeasing, security, attracting investment and industry ... this man knows everything ... his actions doesnot benefit his relatives but the common man ...
Whats wrong in praising him ??

And where is the competition ??
Modi who is constantly producing results which every one can measure v/s the cunning , inept, corrupt, nepotistic, ineffective politician like Mulayam , Lalu , Mayawati, Sonia, Karunanidhis, Left ... the list is endless !!

mpanj said...


you just nailed it. I just hope these JNU types come to their senses and give up their baseless opposition to the only leader that can save Mother India.

Swabhimaan said...

Debate on CNN-IBN: Is nude Saraswati not art?

It is like asking 'Is nude Sagarika Ghosh not art'?

No way I mean to give Sagarika Ghosh any respect or suggest that she is the Goddess of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Middle-class Hindus, upset about Ram Mandir, went to vote Congress? LOL! The point was - what if courts found Mr Modi guilty? Does Party have any alternative plans/scenarios? If not, they will come to grief - agian.
About comemtns on those being called leftists just because they refuse to consider Modi the only alternative, more LOL!

Swabhimaan said...

again for the last anonymous: your LOL does not change facts. u seem to be a confused person as far as ur first point is considered. No doubt no party should depend on only one person but that does not mean you don't about talk him.

Arun said...


U seem to be confused. People who support Modi's PM candidature are completely sure that Modi had no role in post Godhra.

If had any role it was restricted to the killing of 300 (mostly Hindus) odd rioters using police bullets.

The conviction to support Modi comes from facts and data and not from sycophancy as in the congress.

Anonymous said...

Well, let the courts decide and have a final say before chickens are counted.

Swabhimaan said...

till that time it wud do u good to keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, our country is still a free country so I have as much right to give my opinion and speak as you or anyone else. If you do not like what I say, just do not read them.

Swabhimaan said...

thanks :) i didn't know that. u wanted to wait for the court to decide. I repeated the same!

Anonymous said...

"Luckily, our country is still a free country so I have as much right to give my opinion and speak as you or anyone else. If you do not like what I say, just do not read them."


Yes chum u've every right to give ur opinion but u can't pronounce JUDGMENT -- like Modi is murderer, or he tacitly supported rioters etc-- or play the role of investigating officer who knows truth.

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