Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dirty tricks by Congress

Spiteful act, deplorable deed
The Congress is just not reconciled to the idea of Gujarat, more specifically Narendra Modi, showing the way to rapid development and inclusive growth through good governance. Hence, every effort is made by the Congress, through the UPA Government, to harass Modi and stall Gujarat's progress. Having failed to deliver anything that even remotely resembles the Gujarat model in the States where the Congress is in power, the party leadership has responded with limitless hate and spite. The CBI has played hand maiden to the Congress in its deplorable endeavour.

The latest object of Congress envy is Vibrant Gujarat, the hugely successful investors conference hosted by the Gujarat Government and a brainchild of Narendra, which has played a significant role in fuelling Gujarat's success story. At this year's Vibrant Gujarat, MoUs for projects worth Rs 1237570.48 crore were signed. This despite the Congress instructing the Union Ministry of Finance to warn public sector banks against participating in the investor summit in any manner. Complaisant babus in the Ministry eagerly conveyed the message to bank chairmen; that didn't quite do the trick. Nor did the campaign by 'friendly' media to run down the initiative help the Congress.

So now the Congress, once again through the Union Ministry of Finance, has instructed the Income Tax Department to make life difficult for the Modi Government by scaring away investors who signed MoUs. The Income Tax Department ha
obliged its political masters of the day by issuing a notice on February 17 to Gujarat’s Industries Commissioner, demanding details of Memoranda of Understanding signed during Vibrant Gujarat earlier this year. Never before has something so extraordinary happened.

As I have said in the editorial I wrote for The Pioneer, a State Government is at liberty to raise funds and invite investments to further development and propel growth. That the Government of Gujarat has raced past others is a tribute to the quality of governance under Narendra Modi’s tutelage which no Congress leader can ever achieve — either in New Delhi or in State capitals. To try and scuttle the efforts of the Government of Gujarat and arm-twist potential investors into staying away from the State is tantamount to disallowing States to function freely.It's a crude assault on federalism.

As my friend and commentator on the INI blog,Nitin Pai, tweeted on Thursday: "So now the UPA govt is using the Income Tax department to bully/threaten investors in Gujarat. Anti-national fascism on display."

If the intention behind the notice had not been mala fide, the Income Tax Department, or for that matter the Union Finance Ministry, need not have served a notice. All that they needed to do was get the details from the Vibrant Gujarat website. For all those who are interested, you can access full details of the MoUs here.


Richa Sonpatki said...

Was shocking to know that this is really happening. Narendra Modi has indeed made spectacular success with Gujrat, and it is extremely unfortunate that our politicos do not think of trying to do better than him in a bid to out do him, but are deplorably trying to pull him down. How happy Congress must be with the likes of Lalus and Mayawatis. Why would they care anyway when they get a few crores for a vote!

Prakash Iyer said...

The post has come with some links of badly interspersed with text. You might want to do an edit.

seadog4227 said...

Every step taken by the UPA/ Kkkangress since 2004 has been with the worst of motives and subversion of govt. institutions is in the very nature of this criminal party. Changing laws to remove the Director of the AIIMS at any cost at the personal whim of a "Health" Minister is just one indication how far removed they are from legality and public accountability. Finally, Wikileaks has given details of the money used by the minority govt. to prop up the vote in cahoots with the US. Clearly, the Kkkangress has outlived its' use and needs to be consigned to the dustbins of history.

Vishal Jain said...

Can't we have more CM like Modi in other states who can perform under such tremendous non-cooperation from GOI? Modi has really done what can not be done from 99.99% politicians. Hats off to Modi.

Congress is still finding the way to unlock the BJP fortress in Gujraj, but with such dirty tricks they might loose their grip in other regions as well.

This information is available in public domain. I have not read these news neither in News Paper nor heard them in News channels. Not sure if media is also restricted to publish such incidents or they are just looking to increase their revenues by broadcasting big news.

Anonymous said...

first congress tries to mark its enenmies properly.isolates it and then comes up with different ways to mentally scale down the enemy through any means...
1>narendara modi has been targeted many w this cheap trick....congress thinks if it can stop modis rule in gujarat,then more muslims would come to thier fold..
3>bachhan was target for advt for gujarat...ask congress/sonia if it is with sikhs or the congressmen who murdered sikhs...
2>to target internet hindus,a new law is being passed..
4>"In an intellectual clash, it’s futile to be polite when the adversary is intractable; and if he also lacks ethics, it’s absurd to be virtuous. All defense and no attack never did win a war " by vishan ghosle

Anonymous said...

I Welcome BJP should in power in India.
Long Live Narendra Modhi in India !

We,the Nepalese nationalist people hope, Congress I, Sonia's corrupt regime should end and the BJP should capture the regime with the support of Indian People. We hope all the nationalist Indians are interested to save the Indian tradition culure and identities.
So, welcome BJP in India.
Thank you.
Dirgha Raj Prasai
From Kathmandu,Nepal