Saturday, October 16, 2010

When Hindus abandon Hindus under attack...

Humiliated and fearful of the organised fury of the Muslim mob, Hindus don't celebrate Durga Puja this year in Deganga.

(Photo shows desecrated Kali Mandir in Deganga)

There was a time, not that many decades ago, when Hindu grief in one part of the country would not go unnoticed in its other parts. And so it was that Hindus across north and central India, as it existed before the demise of British colonial rule a year later, observed a ‘black’ Diwali in the autumn of 1946 to commiserate with their co-religionists of Noakhali in Bengal. The infamous Noakhali riots, which erupted on October 10 even before the last corpse had been removed from the bustees of Calcutta which had burned for days following Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s call for ‘Direct Action’ on August 16, witnessed what Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was to later describe as a call to Hindus to leave or perish in the “flames of fanaticism”. If Direct Action Day led to the ‘Great Calcutta Killing’, the “organised fury of the Muslim mob” — as an enraged member of the Bengal Legislative Assembly rudely but pithily put it — was unsparing in Noakhali. Hindu homes were set on fire, Hindu women were raped and girls abducted, Hindu men were murdered. It was this unrestrained butchery and the Hindu grief in its wake that moved a million Hindu hearts in central and north India and the diyas remained unlit that Diwali.

Six-and-a-half decades later, Hindus, it would seem, are no longer moved by the plight of Hindus. The pseudo-secularism aggressively peddled by political parties of all shades — even the BJP has begun to subscribe to the bunkum made fashionable by the Left-liberal intelligentsia in the hope of ridding itself of its ‘communal’ (read Hindu) tag — and the divisive politics of caste identity have made Hindus inure to the plight and sorrow of fellow Hindus. Nothing else explains the indifference of Hindus towards their hapless co-religionists in Deganga who, after suffering the “organised fury of the Muslim mob”, led by Trinamool Congress MP Haji Nurul Islam, have been virtually abandoned by both community and state to their fate. Starting September 6, Haji Nurul Islam and his thugs, who met with resistance when they tried to demolish the main Durga Mandap that has existed for long, ran riot in Deganga block of West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district, a short distance from Calcutta. Hindu homes were ransacked, Hindu shops were set on fire, Hindu temples were desecrated. All this happened while the district administration and the police twiddled their thumbs. In West Bengal, the Marxists are loath to take on the mullahs; for the Trinamool Congress, the mullahs are powerful allies in Ms Mamata Banerjee’s quest for power at any price.

Humiliated and simmering with rage, abandoned and forsaken by their own in West Bengal and elsewhere, the grieving Hindus of Deganga decided not to celebrate Durga Puja, the most important festival in the Bengali Hindu calendar, this year. The Durga Mandaps in Deganga wore a deserted look, the joyous sound of dhaak, the traditional drum, was not heard, and an overwhelming sense of mourning prevailed. Fear played spoil sport, too: If the September riots were any indication, Muslim belligerence was not to be taken lightly. Meanwhile, in a demonstration of crude triumphalism, Haji Nurul Islam and his goons, with the full support and blessings of the Trinamool Congress, have built and inaugurated a new mosque right in the middle of Deganga market. The high-volume and high-pitched azaan is more a taunt to the Hindus than a call to prayers for the faithful.

The ghetto now rules Deganga. The Hindus, reduced to an awful minority by Muslim ‘settlers’ who entered West Bengal illegally and settled in Deganga as ‘citizens’ after being provided with ration cards by the local committee of the CPI(M) that facilitated the inclusion of their names in the voters list, can only grieve over their persecution today. Ironically, the Hindus voted en bloc for the Left, as did the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants-turned-Indian citizens. Then the demography changed radically; the pampered minority became the oppressive majority. That coincided with the waning of the Left Front and the waxing of the Trinamool Congress which, mindful of numbers, chose Muslims over Hindus in Deganga and strengthened its hold by patronising the likes of Haji Nurul Islam. When Ms Mamata Banerjee went around ‘inaugurating’ Durga Puja at various pandals in Hindu majority constituencies of Kolkata this year, she did not spare a thought for the Hindus of Deganga; she need not have because their votes do not matter. That’s the power of demographic change, forced and natural.

Nor does the Left Front, especially the CPI(M), care about the Hindus of Deganga. The Marxists believe survival depends not on alienating the mullahs but pandering to them. Hence the recently announced communal quota; hence, too, the West Bengal Government shamelessly looking the other way as students of a tax-payer funded Islamic ‘university’ — really an over-glorified madarsa — in Kolkata force their women teachers to wear the burqa on campus. Then there is the media which has blacked out the plight of Hindus in Deganga, striking an ideological posture with which we are all too familiar. But it is not Left-liberalism that has kept Deganga out of the columns of newspapers and prime time bulletins of 24x7 news channels: It is the fear of incurring the wrath of both Ms Mamata Banerjee and her Marxist foes. The tragedy that has befallen the Hindus of Deganga is similar to the stuff that once made Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ a popular inclusion in Sunday papers.

Postscript: I have received the following e-mail from Hindu Samhati, the only organisation which has been trying to draw the attention of media and authorities to the fear that reigns in Deganga, admittedly without any success so far:

“Minor Hindu girl abducted by Muslim youth in Deganga in broad daylight on October 1.

Victim — Sangita Mandal; age 17 years, four months. Class 12 student. Daughter of Sukumar Mandal. Address: Village Purba Changdana, PS Deganga.

Kidnapper — Naharul Islam; age 22. Son of Abdul Rahim. Address: Village Doharia.

Sangita was abducted in a Maruti Omni van at Ambika Nagar in front of Polytechnic College.”

In a similar case of abduction and forced nikah when the mother of the minor girl appealed for justice to a division bench of Calcutta High Court earlier this year, the honourable judges of secular India’s secular justice system had cited sharia’h to legitimise the ‘marriage’, insisting that the age of the girl was inconsequential. We live in depressing times.

[This appears as my Sunday column Coffee Break in The Pioneer on October 17, 2010.]


Satyanveshi said...
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Anonymous said...

This is what many people have been saying all along, that the Hindus are rapidly turning into minorities in West Bengal. Can you contemplate the consequences in few years from now? I believe, there will be more forced conversions than ethnic cleansing in rural Bengal. Kolkata will not be spared, and there will be another great Calcutta killings and don't expect the CPM or Trinamul to protect you. Ironically the CPMs and Trinamul will also be kicked out of West Bengal by the Muslim fanatics.

Anonymous said...

Sir,you are stating the problem which most of us ,read ,Hindus know .But I wish you to guide your followers as what to do.
The simple fact that the so called Hindu national party i.e BJP no longer thinks it politically wise to take up the issues concerning Hindus .

Anonymous said...

Sad to read this sir, but we need to keep speaking and keep writing. Islam is a complete sham and hopefully one day this pathetic cult will die out. We need to keep speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

Although I do know that you have anti-secular views. I as a muslim woudl like to let you know that majority muslims will definitely condemn this act and already local muslims have stepped in toprotect and help the Hindu community.

If Hindus abandon Hindus, the Indian muslims will and should protect the Hindus.
I also wanted to highlight your postscirpt

the honourable judges of secular India’s secular justice system had cited sharia’h to legitimise the ‘marriage’, insisting that the age of the girl was inconsequential.

This does not seem to be correct as just in March this year the courts affirmed that the marraigable age is 18 irrespective of religion.

It would be nice if you could make approapiate clarification or correction if necessary.

Unknown said...

It is indeed a shame that Hindus dont care for fellow Hindus. This is how people were converted during the Islamic rule of India, by keeping Hindus uninformed and fracturing their unity.

Sanghis who should have responded have not even uttered a word.

There is more to say but public medium forces me keep my restraint. Congressis and their supporters will have to pay for this someday.

Kanchan Gupta said...

Anonymous: I have no evidence as yet of Muslims coming to the aid of Hindus persecuted, harassed and assaulted by Muslims in Deganga. As for your reference to a DNA story, it pertains to a Muslim family wanting to give a 14 year old Muslim girl in marriage to an adult Muslim man and then insisting that the laws of secular India prohibiting child marriage do not apply in this case as sharia'h has no restriction on minor girls being forced to marry adult/old men. This has nothing to do with the abduction of a Hindu minor girl by a Muslim man and forcing her to marry him, and the Calcutta High Court refusing to intervene, the case which I have cited. Better luck with your propaganda next time!

Anonymous said...

BJP will surely die since it does not want to stand for hindus any more. Minorities any way will not for it.

Deepak said...

I am already sick of all this Hindus don't care abt there Religion and Faith So Dear Sir i request u not to waste ur time and energy . We deserve to taste DUST as we are indiffernt and insensitive pepole

JayKumar said...


How many Sanghis do West Bengal has? That you want them to react to this incident.

Only option left with WB people is that they must throw this commies and TMC out of WB at any cost in next election or else such incident will be common.

IN 70's, 80's and up to mid 90's Gujarati's including media, congress used to think that with out Muslims vote no one can form govt but what happened now with having 15% Muslims population spread across the state in Gujarat BJP is able to form govt with majority just with the help of Hindu support. Its all because of unity among Hindu.

what is need of an hour is mass Hindus support to Deganga people. When Deganga abstained form celebration this people should have been supported by all Hindus across the state by abstaining themselves from celebration to show the strength of Hindus.

But it was other way?Why

seadog4227 said...

Good to read that exchange between not-so-"anonymous" and KG.
Many Hindu-interest websites are infected with this virus.

seadog4227 said...

Excellent point by Jaykumar.
That is why kkangress is petrified of Gujarat and Modi.

guddoo said...

This is most shameful act & it must be reciprocated in full force in the place where it happened by the hindus with the or without the support of so called secular forces to teach them a lesson so that the same is not repeated anywhere in India again!
Jai Hind! vandey matram!!!

HinduBengal said...

The Solution is Simple
VOTE BJP in West Bengal polls
and let us throw the Bangladeshi Mullah Infiltrator party CPM and Mamataz Begum out of West Bengal.

WB has only 67% Hindus
from which a quite a few are Communists and Atheist.

There is an Org known as Hindu Samhati which safegaurds the Local hindus against Islamic Atrocites.

Video Links

Proud Indian Muslim said...

Kanchan Gupta,

I was talking about the fallacy that courts can't intervene when a minor girl is being married because of "shariah". IF both parties being muslim can't get their child married under 18 citing chariah then how can this happen in any other case?

It doesnt matter if its Hindu or Muslim. The courts have intervened again and again to uphold minimum marriage age. So please dont' call my facts propaganda. I am making this clarification in good faith.

Secondly, there are numerous incidents of muslims helping Hindus and vice versa. Just on this incident check out the Times of India article here

Hope this story allows you understand and say that Muslims are just "people like us"

Krishna said...

Kanchan ,
You deserve to be congratulated for having the nerves to highlight the plight of the Hidus in Debganga a region in West Bengal. The whole media and our spineless leadership has turned a blind eye to this disgusting episode where Muslims dared to kill the Hindus in India which is supposed to be a predominantly Hindu Majority state...!

Besides the hard fact that all those muslims who ventured into this dastardly act should have been tried and already given the worst of punishment for the crimes committed, even the leaders like Mamta Banerjee and left leaders be taken to task. mamta on account of allowing haji to make a mess ande left leadership of having allowed to issue the citizenship status to the illegal immigrants of erstwhile East Pakisstan.

Moreover it is stranger that why did teh Hindus all over the state of West Bengal shout on the subject and raised the issue at proper forums. why did they invite the likes of Mamta to the celebrations of Durga Puja at various Pandals. I had heard that the bengali Hindus have a lot of fire in them but surprisingly dont anything like that in any one except you Kanchan who has dared to highlight the issue ..

Moreover the same plight was met by the Kashmiri Hindus in the The Kashmir valley at the hands of the Muslim rascals of the valley, but the spineless leadership of the country did not do anythiing to rehabilitate them in their own homeland....!!

hindu blog said...

It's Very Nice post. I liked it.

Deepak Iyer said...

Chickens coming home to roost. Bengali Hindus have for long pulled the shroud of secularism over them and today that shroud has transformed into a serpent waiting to strangle and swallow whole. Save a few brave Bengali's rest have shamelessly gone behind the communists and that rogue thugini Mamata. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Very bad,

ravi saraogi said...

Kanchan Gupta,

TMC has created a situation of Terror in the State, worst than that of 1969 of Bengal. Common men are too scared to talk negatively in public due this fear factor. Elections will also not be a solution till Election Commission conducts with close supervision backed by Army and Para Military Forces. Keep Fingers crossed till such time.