Tuesday, November 03, 2009

No end to crisis: Reddys want BSY out

[Update: The so-called 'resolution' of the crisis in Karnataka is at best a temporary truce between the Reddy Brothers and Yeddyurappa. Shettar resigning from Speaker's office to join the Cabinet is only the first step; it's a matter of time before he decides to make a renewed dash for the Chief Minister's chair. The Reddy Brothers will not be satiated by sops like greater say in policy-framing, transfer-postings of bureaucrats (which speaks a lot about our babus and their links with 'businessmen') and easing of cases against them. By the way, since when has the BJP decided to short-circuit the law of the land to remain in power? And with what face will the party now criticise the Congress for short-circuiting the law to favour its own? I think it's a terrible idea to have two central leaders minding Karnataka affairs as it will lead to further groupism in both party and Government. But we will now have Arun Jaitley managing party affairs and Sushma Swaraj minding the Reddy Brothers -- the 'coordination committee' is so much hogwash and no more. The 'resolution' of the crisis only strengthens my contention that organisation now means nothing for those who have the clout to thumb their nose at the party's national leadership, such as it is with its moral authority lying in tatters. Why else would the Reddy Brothers have been allowed to set the terms of engagement via one individual over the party organisation?]

It’s been a week since the ‘Reddy Brothers’ of Bellary rocked the BS Yeddyurappa Government. Not much progress seems to have been made by those working on resolving the crisis and preventing the BJP’s first Government in a southern State from collapsing on account of infighting within its ranks and more than a gentle nudge from those who contested and won the last Assembly election on the BJP symbol but owe no allegiance to either the party or the RSS.

Some points that merit attention:

. Official denials notwithstanding, few are willing to discount media reports (confirmed by unnamed sources within the party) that a national leader of the BJP from Karnataka is involved in fomenting trouble for Yeddyurappa. Details of his reported meeting with the ‘Reddy Brothers’ and travel by a Congress legislator’s plane to meet leading dissident Jagadish Shettar, who is the Assembly Speaker and aspires to become Chief Minister, have not strengthened the image of the party’s central leadership.

. Yeddyurappa no doubt enjoys tremendous support among the people and his popularity is unquestionable. But this alone may not see the BJP through in a mid-term election. In the past, the BJP has lost mid-term elections despite the popularity of leaders like Kalyan Singh and Sunderlal Patwa; Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was barely able to scrape through. The BJP has lost in Himachal Pradesh despite excellent policies and programmes initiated by Shanta Kumar. This was more than a decade ago when the party’s organisation was strong, its central leadership carried credibility and its overall rating was high. None of these three factors obtains today.

. On Tuesday Yeddyurappa held out the proverbial olive branch to the ‘Reddy Brothers’ on their home turf by ‘acknowledging’ their ‘contribution’. But this has not cut any ice with the 'Reddy Brothers' -- till late Tuesday night, they were adamant that Yeddyurappa must go. If by 'acknowledging' the 'contribution' of the 'Reddy Brothers' Yeddyurappa was being pragmatic, he might as well have avoided a flash-point situation. I am no admirer of the ‘Reddy Brothers’, but having supped with them, perhaps Yeddyurappa needed to be more tactful if only to ensure stability of his Government.

. I am intrigued by the importance given to industrialist/entrepreneur Rajeev Chandrasekhar by the BJP Government. What exactly has been his contribution to the party? Does he subscribe to the Sangh’s ideology? Who are his backers? Raising these questions does not amount to questioning his abilities to supervise ‘Operation Lotus’ (the post-flood rehabilitation programme). But why is it that the BJP needs an ‘outsider’ to head a flagship programme?

. Some readers of this blog have outright rejected a Congress hand in the Karnataka shenanigans. I think there have been sufficient revelations since October 29 to bear out the contention that the Congress has been involved. The ‘Reddy Brothers’ are under pressure from the Congress on their mining operations in Andhra Pradesh. Let us not forget that they are businessmen first and politicians second; if push comes to shove they will gladly abandon Yeddyurappa if not the BJP.

. It is entirely possible that a power-sharing formula of sorts will be hammered out after Yeddyurappa arrives in Delhi on Wednesday and the Government will survive this crisis. But that is unlikely to ensure long-term stability. Cabals and groups will not be easily tamed. Having hugely damaged the party at the national level and lost when the stakes were high, these cabals and groups are now busy damaging what remains of the party in the States.Dilli4 is relentless!

As Henry Kissinger famously commented, when the stakes are low, the politics is high.


Bhavananda said...

Dear Kanchan da,
I'm truly an admirer of your reporting and I agree with most of the things you said.
But how can you use a word like "AKnowledging"?

Prasanna said...


The continued tirade against perceived 'Outsiders' (that too defined by a crude criterion of not being one who completely subscribes to ideas of RSS) might well sound the death knell for BJP

RC has been given a crucial responsibility because government has envisaged a R&R model based on Public-Private participation.RC besids being an accomplished business leader is also an eminent citizen of Bangalore .He easily qualifies for the job and would bring expertise both in leadership area and fund mobilization.Think he has done an exemplary job so far(RC also heads AbiDE which is the initiative for Urban governance in BLR)

Jiggs said...

"The ‘Reddy Brothers’ are under pressure from the Congress on their mining operations in Andhra Pradesh. Let us not forget that they are business first and politicians later; if push came to shove they will gladly abandon the BJP."

I coudnt agree with you more

However, I was peeved when the RSS made that statement in August when they were firefighting for the BJP that " Lateral entrants in the BJP should not be given any important posts, as it is this lateral entrants who dont subscribe to the ideology".

I dont think that many like me would ever shy away from the ideology inspite of not being full members of the party.

There are many issues wherein even RSS has to tone down its rhetoric.

Kumar Narasimha said...

1.The 'Reddy Brothers' are not just close friends of late YSR, but also business partners of YS Jagan.
2.With Jagan unable to 'claim' the CM post in AP after his father's death, his camp is making all out efforts to impress the Cong high command about their 'value' to the party, and that includes creating trouble and if possible, briging down the BJP govt in Karnataka.
3.The anti-Jagan group in AP has pressurised the State Govt to investigate the illegal mining activities of Reddy Bros. in Anantapur district bordering Karnataka.The anti-Jagan group does not want Jagan to become all powerful, which he would be if his friends succeed in bringing down Yeddy's Govt.
4.For Jagan and Reddy Bros, all will be well if BJP govt gets toppled, and as a reward Jagan gets AP CM post. The Cong high command has nothing to lose.It will respond only when the situation in Karnataka becomes viable.As for Jagan, he is being asked to achieve a Congress victory in Hyd corporation polls, where the BJP and TDP can still spoil the show for Congress.However, a good number of city BJP cadre including the lone BJP MLA Kishen Reddy are beholden to the Reddy Bros and thereby, to Jagan.

None of the above points need investigative journalism.These are points culled from various Telugu newspapers over the last week or so.

Anon said...

Kancha da, Chandrashekhar is the funds collector/backroom operator . Do you want to start the whole Arun Shourie - Ambani - P mahajan debate again :)

psudo said...

I think its time for reddy brothers to go to jail.

sanjay said...

The problem is, BJP is trying to apply Cong template to solve the Karnataka crisis. Cong would have retained Yeddy's goodwill as well as Reddy's money power and still get good press from the media for the deft handling of crisis. But BJP is, and must not try to be Cong. They have to chose one of them, if it chooses Reddys, media will generate enough negative press to write off their obituary in south by calling it pro rich and powerful lobbies, if it chooses Yeddy, it may still lose power in Karnataka along with some heavy purses. It's a tough call, hope AJ takes right and principled decision.

enstrn17 said...

Issue is that BJP central leadership has weakened beyond repair - Local leaders like Reddys fear no High Command and are free to fight their battles based on their business, political or

enstrn17 said...

Issue is that BJP central leadership has weakened beyond repair - Local leaders like Reddys fear no High Command and are free to fight their battles based on their personal business or political interests. Of Course, other parties will fish in troubled waters. Get real: this is politics guys!

The same BJP had lured congress MLAs to its side in Bangalore not too long ago.

A lot of uncharitable things have been said about Reddy brothers' finances. I am sure half, if not all of it, is correct. But Yeddyurappa is a regressive character himself. Some time back, he had accused Gowda & son of using black magic(!!) to finish him and had threatened to complain to Home Ministry -


Combine this with the pledge of Haryana BJP to ban western music if voted to power.

With such clowns, BJP doesn't need enemies! And they want to know why they don't get votes from new/young India. Time to wake up and smell the coffee!!

Unknown said...

Dear kanchan,
so you have acknowledged the existence of Rajeev chandrashekar.
Then it is also good you acknowledge the existence of Nanda kumar (brother of Ananda Kumar) and his meetings with Reddy brothers.
Reddy brothers have no RSS idelogy and so also Rajeev.

Anonymous said...


you need to study it better befor assuming things. AJ was never incharge of rajasthan affairs. Vasu blames a general secretary frm a state that went to election recently and received an all time drumming, and the genral secretarys lok sabha consti saw BJP loose 5/6 seats. Just check for the general sec in charge during rajasthan assembly elections u will know.

Anonymous said...

Ananth Kumar of the "scandal" fame. I am at loss to understand Advani's attatchement to so many leaders with shaddy characters such as AK.

Anonymous said...

Munde was incharge of Rajasthan BJP. Another shaddy character in BJP and a favorite of Advani cabal.

Anonymous said...

This is my first post here although I have been following your blog for quiet some time.

As for your take on one of the central leader's having met the Reddy brothers & Mr. Jagadish Shettar on Oct 24-25th, you are spot on. Mr Anantkumar did meet them, but what actually conspired in those meetings is still unknown. The perception that the central leadership has been unable to solve the problems in Karnataka is only a mirage. Truth is that central leaders are themselves involved in this whole political quagmire. Groups of BJP in Karnataka have now aligned themselves along the faultlines in the in fighting at the central level of the party.

The whole media perception that Reddy brothers are an entity into themselves (non RSS etc etc) is again a misnomer. Having seen all of this unfolding from close quarters, I can vouch for the fact that the Reddy brothers consider Sushma Swaraj as their central boss in Delhi. Add Anantkumar's role to this whole episode & you will get a murky picture of the anti-Rajnath Singh faction in the BJP acting in tandem to dislodge Yediyurappa from the southern seat of power.

If any one tells me that this gang of Ananthkumar, Sushma Swaraj & co have acted or are acting without the tacit support of Advaniji himself, then all I can say is that the proverbial pigs have started flying!

What has the BJP come to?!! Lal Krishna Advani himself is busy scoring points against his percieved rival at the cost of the party he has himself built!!!... This is simply getting curiouser & curiouser with each passing day. I do not know what conspiracy theories I should subscribe to in order to understand this self-destructive streak in the hindutva brigade.

Kanchan Gupta said...

Anon: I hate deleting any message but yours had to be deleted because the extreme measure mentioned by you was open to misinterpretation. You are welcome to repost the message minus extremities!

Anonymous said...


The problems within the BJP are only too obvious to anybody now. Do you have any suggestions on how this can be resolved. It is unlikely that one fine morning Dilli4 will have a change of heart and step aside for a fresh face, if there is any ? Where does the party go from here ? Who takes over ? Will he have the authority ? If it is RSS then who in RSS and what should be the extent of their role in BJP ? More when you put your view.

Anonymous said...

It is very clear Advani's interest was not welfare of anyone - nation, ideology, Sangh, party, etc - but himself. Now that he can not achieve his ambition, he does not care - nay, mind at all - if the party is destroyed. And, we put such high hopes in this man~

Anonymous said...

Latest news : CM Y has made up with Reddy brothers.

Anonymous said...

Dada in your previous tweet u said "its a matter of time when Dill4 comes to M.P and Chattisgarh". Your prediction is coming true coz just today in Hindi vernacular daily Patrika or perhaps Bhaskar I read Ananth and Rajnath will attend some meeting of BJP in Satna where they will finalize tickets for municipal election of M.P which r likely to take place within month. These Municipal elections r important coz it'll be a sort of referendum on BJP -- and to "some" extend on the "governance" of Chauhan-- b'coz voters and karyakarta of the party r terribly demoralized;they have given up all hope; they think BJP is almost dead. My question is why r they poking nose in our bimaru pradesh which is getting decent governance after years of corrupt rule of Congress ? Badi mushkil is hamara pradesh patri par aa raha hai aur ye satte ke bhuke berozgar neta uska satyanash karna chahate hai.. Jodi of Chauhan and Tomar is working so well there is no need of SS, Rajnath or Ananth here..ye log hamre pradesh mai marne ke liye kyu aa rahe hai ?? [:x] saley *****..my neighbor who vote BJP in state and Congress in center dislike SS to the core..i'm telling u this to tell everybody what floating voters think of these scums...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
This is rough translation of a news report in Hindi Jagaran. This says it all. We need both blasting of Party HQ AND removal of ALL central leaders without exception, if BJP is to be saved. Else, the party is going to be butchered by its supposed builder and his shaddy chamchas.
Karnataka: BJP's crisis complicated
Almost reached a solution, BJP's Karnataka crisis is back to square one. Seemed like near a solution until afternoon on Thursday but all went awary by evening. Yeddy was called to a leadership meeting of at Advani's residence and told of danger to his government. Yeddy then spoke to Rajnath Singh (in Lucknow).

CM's camp has pointed fingers at role of certain central leaders in creating this crisis. Yeddy then spoke to RSS; he is considered close to the Sangh.
In fact, everything was going well during the day. Before leaving for Lucknow, Singh had prepared a compromise formula in cosultation with central and state leaders, and agreed to by all sides: transfer of a top official, removal of the female minister, appointment of Settiar as minister and some relief for Reddys. After this, Janardhan Reddy expressed confidence of better results. But, soon after, they again asked for CM's removal which made the matters worse.

After many rounds of discussions, Jaitley, Kumar, Swaraj and Naidu went to LK Advani's place in the evening. After a while, Yeddy also arrived there and was told about the new situation. It is learnt that he was told about the danger to his government and asked what he will be willing (if he will agree to resign) to save it? Yeddy left without an answer and spoke to Rajnath who assured him that he will not be removed even if that meant loss of the govt. Singh will discuss again the issue after reaching Delhi on Friday.

According to sources, Yeddy told the BJP leaders of talking to to JD-S to save govt. However, BJP high command is keen to resolve the problem within party.

Anonymous said...

Read the following article in DNA for a perspective on the fight within the BJP


Anonymous said...

But the writer of DNA is a well-known BJP-baiter and Sonia chamachi plus chums with certain Dilli4 netas so please take it with a lot of salt.

Common Hindu said...


Before the grand lanch function of "Bharat Swabhiman Mission"
Baba Ramdev seems to be genueinly interested
in the betterment of desh, dharam, rajniti
and i used to watch him on Aastha channel regularly

But right from the lanch function of "Bharat Swabhiman Mission"
where Babaji had invited a Shia Muslim maulaavi
and introduced him as his darling brother
speeches of Babaji has lost its sharpness
for the protection of desh, dharam, rajniti

Maybe its the price one has to pay
to garner support of all residing in india
and whether they are muslim
it does not matter

As a common hindu
what more could i have done but
only stopped actively watching Babaji
from that lanch function
though i still regard Babaji
as a great yoga master
and for his oratory skills

But, now in the present controvercy
of Devband fatva against Vande Mataram
attended by Babaji and home minister
hindus should protest and show their displeasure
to both Babaji and home minister
for agreeing to be a part of function
working against the spirit of Bharat
and consolidating/ fanning the Jihadi movement

As politicians support Jihadis
for capturing muslim vote bank
is Babaji trying to capture
muslim and sickular followers
by agreeing to attend Jihadi function
and not speacking out against
the fatva then and there
not even 2 days after that

all this when Babaji is
the most outspoken hindu guru
who is more than ready to
give sound bytes on each and every
topic including yoga
and never take any nonsense
laying down from any celebrited reporters/ editors

is it that like all other leaders
whether they are politicians or not
they are always supporting Jihadis
at the cost of hindus
and like them Babaji too
wants to capture muslim and sickular followers
and / or
even Babaji fears from Jihadis

O Hindus come out of your hibrenation
how long you want to wait
for things to get worse
before trying for their recovery

its easy to get charged up against Jihadis
but path to recovery goes first
by winning over the sickular hindus

O Hindus, this is the time
to lanch campainge against
all sickular hindus
in the form of Babaji
and dont wait for RSS/ BJP/ VHP
dont look forward for their orders
listen to your heart/ mind

Babaji has a reputation
of coming out sucessfully
from every controvery in the past
which where lanched by sickulars
but this time
if common hindus campainge
against his sickular tendencies
at least he has to say sorry
for his moments of weakness

i appeal all PRO-HINDU bloggers
to write-up on this topic from their heart
so that greater clearity and publicity to
hindu's view emerage in media

also remember that
blogging alone cannot provide
answers to worldly problems.



Anonymous said...

A typical cong solution to the BJP crisis is - make Pratibha Advani the BJP president and voila all their problems are solved! believe me it works, just ask them.

Anonymous said...

There are multiple theories going around as reasons for the Karnataka crisis. DNA says it's the battle between MRB and LKA, india today (the most innovative one) says it's the promotion of Yedyurappa of his protege Ms. Karandlaje, some others say it's handywork of cong leader Jagan Reddy. Surely truth lies somewhere in between. Whatever it may be the future of BJP at least in south lies in how it manages the crisis and its aftermath, and it's not good so far.

Indian Well Wisher said...

See the latest news on internal BJP wranglings:

Advani - RSS tussle

Incompetent people in bjp

Anonymous said...

So, it turns out that MRB and LKA want to have there own proteges at the helm, whats wrong with that? in no political party in India is the president democratically elected, so why should we expect BJP to be an exception? I only hope that the next president doesn't turn out to be RNS-2.0, accountable only to his puppeteer, not any other stakeholders.

Anonymous said...

Rajinder Puri: Don’t write off Advani just yet


Hey Ram!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Srikanth Matrubai said...

It is indeed sad that a leader of such stature., Mr.B.S.Yediyurappa has been reduced to a status of Beggar.
Money is clearly playing the role of a spoiler.
People should teach an unforgettable lesson to these money mongers in the elections

Swabhimaan said...

is vishv mein bhin bhin prakaar ke moorkh hain. par aisa prateet hota hai ki sabse bade moorkh bha.ja.pa mein hi akar bas gaye hain. jo jita sakta hai usi ko baandh kar rakh dete hain. I am so angry.

Swabhimaan said...

We want Modi as the President.
Give him all the freedom he needs.
Anyone who says no to him is a dumb fool.

supporter said...

@ Swabhimaan,

That's wishful thinking! we will have Nitin Gadkari as our president and he will only be accountable to RSS, so don't get surprised if future poll manifestos promise banning of pop music in India.

Anonymous said...

IMO if BJP/RSS doesn't want to have key BJP appointments democratically elected, then they should have a system of performance appraisal where every leader is graded on a suitable scale over a period of time. That way they can avoid internal democracy and nobody will question their appointment related decisions.

Swabhimaan said...

@anon, You r my enemy and I decide to fail you despite your stellar performance. Hows that?

@Kanchan, please create a poll and let people vote here. Some options can be Namo, Nitin Gadkari, more names??

My vote goes to NaMo.

Let the RSS also know what we want.

Swabhimaan said...

If elections are held (that is a big if), the condition for no two successive terms for the same person should be dropped. It makes no sense.

Swabhimaan said...

Vote for BJP's next President at Offstumped.


Arun said...

Had there been a 2 party coalition in Karnataka, the destructive power of Reddy brothers would have been contained and the govt would have been more stable. Time we allow a young Hindu party to come up under RSS watch.

Anonymous said...

Funny that common hindu is badmouthing Baba Ramdev. His blog has Savarkar's photo. Common Hindu should read what Savarkar wrote in his early days. Savarkar wholeheartedly praised green flag and Maulavis and Jihadis in his book on 1857 uprising.

Just like his tirade against Baba Ramdev, will common hindu write against Savarkar?

Unknown said...

This article is a "lump of shit"