Thursday, October 22, 2009

BJP savaged again.Party pays for drought of leadership!

Delhi cabal has its way: Vasu forced to resign.

Friday evening update:

It’s truly bizarre. Rather than ponder over the party’s defeat in Maharashtra and washout in Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh, the BJP’s central leaders [Dilli4 +2] spent all of Thursday and Friday hounding Vasundhara Raje, threatening to suspend her from the party if she did not put in her papers immediately as Leader of Opposition in Rajasthan Assembly.

Vasu was formally elected leader of the legislature party. She was not ‘appointed’ to the post by short-circuiting the rules laid down in BJP Constitution as has been done for Dilli4 and their mentors.

Vasu has been held responsible for BJP’s defeat in Rajasthan Assembly election and later the Lok Sabha poll. Vasu would have fetched victory had Dilli4 and their mentors not conspired to a)field rebel candidates and fund them; b)undermined her authority by appointing those opposed to her as party office-bearers; and, c)not played wretched games to pull her down so as to neutralise competition.

Dilli4 and their drum-beaters (including in media) would like the world to believe that Rajnath Singh alone is responsible for Vasu's sacking. This is not true. Dilli4 colluded in this shocking spectacle of a promising leader who has delivered for the party much more than the BJP's Sir Thomas Clifford, Lady Arlington, the Duke of Buckingham, Lord Ashley and Lord Lauderdale being humiliated.

Vasu has her faults and can be outrageously imperious when she chooses to. But those faults are far outweighed by her leadership qualities, her popularity and her ability to connect with the masses. Unlike Dilli4, she leads (or should it be led?) from the front. Most important, she is the 'modern', presentable, youthful face which the BJP needs so badly.

Strangely, not a single ‘national’ leader has stepped down from office despite leading the BJP to a humiliating defeat in the 2009 Lok Sabha poll. If the party lost the election it is because voters rejected the BJP’s ‘national’ leadership. Ironically, those who led the party to its defeat have been handsomely rewarded.

Vasu refused to give her resignation to Rajnath Singh or Dilli4. On Friday morning she handed over her resignation letter to LK Advani. That is a measure of the authority and prestige that the party’s ‘national’ leadership commands today!

Not to go down without a fight, Vasu has written a letter, sent to each member of the parliamentary board, reportedly making the following points:
. She feels humiliated by the manner in which her resignation issue was handled.
. There is lack of inner-party democracy in the BJP’s functioning and there is no accountability within the organisation.
. Some senior party leaders created hurdles in her functioning as Chief Minister.
. There has been a continuous decline in the party due to lack of leadership. For example, the party’s decline and fall in Uttar Pradesh.
Who will Dilli4 and their mentors sack after they have sacked everybody else? Soon it could be the turn of the hapless peons, drivers and tea boys at the BJP Central Office!

The most absurd comment that I heard on Thursday, the day results for the Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh were declared, was made by BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad. “The results were unexpected,” he said, “but we accept them with humility.”

If only the BJP had been less humble and more robust, and had the party bothered to end its crisis (some would say drought) of leadership both in the States and at the national level, perhaps the humiliation of successive defeat could have been avoided. But neither is going to happen soon.

With Dilli4 firmly entrenched and the RSS stepping back, at least for the moment, the BJP will continue to wallow in denial. To protect its own vested interests, Dilli4 will insist on maintaining status quo.

If Bhishma Pitamah could have led an army into battle when he was more than 100 years old, there is no reason why, or so we are told, the BJP should look for youthful leaders who can feel the pulse of today’s India and with whom voters aged 40 and below can identify; more importantly, leaders who will be seen as leading the party (and the State / nation) into the future.

Now for the most misleading comment of the day: Congress spokespersons have claimed that the Assembly poll results are an unequivocal endorsement of the party’s policies and programmes. The party has also claimed that it has ‘defied anti-incumbency’.

That’s hogwash. The results of the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly election were predictable. In Haryana the Congress has been halted at 40 – six short of simple majority. INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala, with 31 seats, has vowed not to sit in the Opposition. In Maharashtra the Congress-NCP coalition may have reached the halfway mark, but ‘victory’ has been achieved through the expedient means of propping up Raj Thackeray’s virulently parochial MNS.

Nonetheless, the BJP should, if it is still serious about remaining in mainstream national politics, try and figure out why its seat share has declined in Arunachal Pradesh. The current nationalist fervour in that State should have been ideal for the party which claims to put nation first. If at all there is any introspection (the BJP says it will deliberate on the ‘road ahead’!) it should also include a frank discussion on why Kiran Rijiju left the party. That would necessitate some explanation on financial issues and the corrupting influence of certain ‘leaders’.

As for Haryana, Swapan Dasgupta has already raised some interesting and revealing points in his blog on why the BJP failed to enter into any meaningful alliance in that State. I think Dilli4 should be asked to explain why it got its sums wrong. There is, however, the view that an alliance between the BJP and INLD may not have worked to either’s advantage on account of Haryana’s caste arithmetic.

The most interesting are the results of the Maharashtra election. My personal view, as I have written in The Pioneer’s main editorial comment, is that the winner came second in this poll. Together, the BJP and Shiv Sena have secured 30 per cent of the total votes, down from 33.64 per cent in 2004. The Congress and NCP vote-share is 38 per cent, almost two per cent down from 39.81 per cent in 2004. The MNS has got six per cent.

Needless to say, the MNS vote has come from the BJP-Sena catchment area, especially in the Mumbai-Thane-Pune belt. The MNS may have won only 13 seats, and lost its deposit in 95 of the 143 seats it contested, but it has inflicted severe injury on the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance. Raj Thackeray wanted to spite his uncle and cousin; the Congress wanted to split the Opposition and anti-incumbency vote; their interests coalesced.

Yet, the decline in the BJP’s tally from 56 seats in 2004 to 46 seats in this election (the Shiv Sena has suffered greater loss: It is down from 62 seats to 44 seats) cannot be entirely attributed to the ‘MNS factor’. Nor is there any reason for the BJP to celebrate because it is two seats ahead of the Shiv Sena and hence will get to nominate the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly.

The BJP needs to explain as to why it has fared poorly in Vidarbha region, which saw most suicides by debt-ridden farmers, where Congress-NCP candidates have performed remarkably well. It must also look within to find reasons as to why in Marathwada the Congress-NCP coalition has doubled its tally of seven seats in the 2004 election.

A last point: I am increasingly veering round to the view that all high falutin talk of there being a co-relation between election results and quality of governance / agenda of governance is pure bunkum.

The quality of governance, if at all this word can be used, in Maharashtra over the past decade has been appallingly poor. This poll was contested against the backdrop of high inflation (CPI pegs it at around 14 per cent in both urban and rural areas), mounting agrarian crisis, industrial job losses, and a crippling power shortage.

Vilasrao Deshmukh was waxing eloquent on CNN-IBN as to how the voters had endorsed the good work done by him which was continued by Ashok Chavan. P Sainath asked him to list four good things done by the Congress-NCP Government. He couldn’t think of any. Finally it came down to Sainath asking him to name one achievement. Deshmukh pretended a disruption in communication and went off air.

In sharp contrast, the BJP had an excellent governance blueprint which touched every strata of society – from the pavement poor to those who live in Mumbai’s opulent palaces. The BJP-Shiv Sena Manifesto had some very good ideas. The BJP-Shiv Sena’s record in governance is nothing to be scoffed at, especially on the organised crime front as well as infrastructure development.

But I guess the people of India are least interested in what a Government can give them. What turns them on and swings their vote remains a mystery. Or perhaps not. It could just be something as simple as credible leadership – in the States, in New Delhi.

In my previous blog I had lamented that the BJP was unravelling rapidly yet nobody in the party seemed to be bothered. Between then and now, nothing has changed. Much as I hate saying this, it is unlikely to change in the coming days, weeks, months.

What do you think?



Total seats: 288
Results declared: 288
Party Seats Vote
Cong 82
NCP 62
BJP 46
SS 44
MNS 13 06%
CPM 01
Ind & others 48


Total seats: 60
Results declared: 60
Party Seats Vote
Congress 42 50%
Trinamool 5 15%
NCP 5 21%
BJP 2 5%
Others 6


Total seats: 90
Results declared: 90
Party Seats Vote
Congress 40 35%
INLD 31 27%
HJC 6 7%
BJP 4 9%
Independents 7


Anonymous said...

Time for BJP to "Wake up and shit" and shit out the super stinky Rajnath first. All the bujurgs are clogging the colon of the party.

I feel that renewed Sushma Awaraj can be the Kayam churna. She needs to talk thoughtful, stop being a mindless opposer and bring in some fresh faces.

Anonymous said...

The despair in your mind is palpable. But the rot is much deeper than merely a drought of Leadership.

As I had tweeted earlier 3-Is plague the BJP - Inchoerence on ideology/policy, Incompetence in Leadership both which adding up to Insecurity causing those well entrenched in Delhi to maintain status quo even months after the Titanic hit the iceberg and is already half way sunk in the Ocean.

More from my 2 blog posts today

Niraj said...

Its highly possible that the elections were just bought by who ever had more money!!

Anonymous said...

Chaddiwalah and BJP both r perceived as regressive organization who can't take India forward. They talk nonsense on TV...saley ghuma fira ke ..lambhi-chaudi bateein kartey hai...inki image theek nahi hai...neta nahi hai salo ke pass...RSS the frozen in the past organization talk nonsense..listen folks I'm all for Hindu politics b'coz i understand the danger of can't be accepted unless reformed and our Hindu politics also helps us in differentiating us from congress..but BJP has made its ideology a whore which is sold on election eve...moreover fear of Islam has evaporated from the masses b'coz of two reasons first is economic progress, second is secular virus which baited the vast section of there is no info on this front...then there is most important issue leadership vacuum..development is no criteria for win election everyone should understand this...public actually in logo ko trust nahi karti..inki creditability destroy ho chuki hai..saley kehte kuch hai karte kuch hai...satta ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai....then there is simplistic, treta yugi approach of chaddi brigade...India has changed a lot and they r fast becoming irrelevant...we need complete rebuilding...we shouldn't hesitate to speak abt Islam..we should do other thing also I'm not against that but we should talk in a simple manner and shouldn't do the promise which we can't will tell u tomorrow...i'm not saying this in anger whatever I've written is truth and have written with cool and calm mind...

Anonymous said...

Niraj..stop ur bullshit conspiracy theory..this is not s new thing...

Niraj said...

@Anonymous, if it is not a new thing then that explains why Congress-NCP had won the previous two elections in Maharashtra as well.
I'm not saying that's the only reason, but surely vote buying is one of the reasons.

M. Patil said...

Why is every one ignoring EVM issue? What is the need for a week delay to announce election results?

Ravi said...

Completely agree on the development issue. Even in the Lok Sabha Election, the BJP has come out with fairly impressive policy documents and blueprints for governance, but got the stuffing kicked out of them.

Indeed, there are possibly 3 Congress Chief Ministers over the last couple of years who I would say deserved to get re-elected on the basis of performance alone - the late YSR, Shiela Dixit and Bhupinder Hooda. Few can deny that his government did a good job in developing the state. Yet he may not be able to form a government, or at the least someone else will be made CM as the blame for the reduction in seats will be on him.

Compare that with Maharasthra. Where everyone unanimously agrees the Cong-NCP govt over the last 10 years has been the worst ever. If they didnt deserve to get kicked out, who does? And yet they are reelected for a 3rd term!

The issue of development bringing votes which the Congress' media brings up every time the Congress wins...pure bunkum, as u call it.

However, whats the solution? Politics is about doing what the people want. If people dont care about actual governance....

Sudhir said...

It is more like BJP is losing all elections, rather than Congress winning them.

P. Sainath's question says it all - List just one achievement!

And even then the opposition could not get its act together, which is a very sad reflection on their leadership, if there is one.

One trend that needs to be observed in almost the entire country is that the opposition vote to Congress is always split. There is resentment against the policies, but then the people are not sure which alternative to choose!

So the BJP has a two fold job to do now. One is to build back itself, and then win back the 24 allies they had when ABV was at helm. A united opposition will give the Congress a run for its money (literally :D)!

So, for that they need another ABV. Sushma Swaraj is the only person who comes close to being a moderate face in that part.

Shrill rhetoric roped in votes at one point of time, but to expect that it will happen everytime is mere stupidity. The Holy Cow and Calf of the Grand Old Party of India are simply advocating that they will govern at their own pace, will not use language that will arouse passions, and in this process at times will bring out some programs that our ever-ready psycophant media will help in propogating.

Many of us need more proactive leaders, leaders who are willing to jump to the next level by creating opportunities and not wait for them. But then, we dont see a single party offering that option, and hence this confusion.

It's been a long post, will stop now :). So the solution is basically this - Rajnath should quit. Sushma's grooming should start. Advani also should quit. NaMo, as much I love his administration, cannot become the face of the party. But he can become the next Advani of the party. Sushma - NaMo duo can work wonders, if they start working on it NOW.

- Sudhir

Indian Well Wisher said...

BJP Haryana results - analysis


There are some good things for BJP in Haryana.

Anonymous said...

Check Comprehensive Blueprint for reviving BJP.

psudo said...

Kanchan, If you would know , how Advani feels about these losses.I wonder what dose his self respect tell him? What make him beg for visa for Shanawaz Husain from PM? Is the leader of oppsition is such a big deal? As a BJP supporter I can not stop wondering why BJP appears to be sleeping, i sometimes feel that there deal between TOP BJP leadiship and Anti-national people who would occupy space of "OPPSITION" whithout doining any thing like oppostion.

Supporter said...

The electorate loves a fighter. They rejected passive observers who come out on the election eve to preach. Raj Thakre was active much before the elections through his well publicized actions on Chhath puja, Railway exam candidates, anti-bhaiyya-movt and what have you. Whatever be his agenda or the establishment support, he was seen as a relentless fighter. So is the case in WB where Mamta is seen as a fighter even when the intelligentsia dosen't agree with her agenda or actions. Or Haryana where all anti incumbency votes went to a 2 year old party. Compare them with the BJP leadership who only surface just before elections and are otherwise conspicuous by their absence in the period in between. In Maha and Haryana assembly elections LKA and RNS were seen only on the cover of the manifesto.

Common Hindu said...

"Wake up and shit"

Why is every one ignoring EVM issue? What is the need for a week delay to announce election results?

NaMo, as much I love his administration, cannot become the face of the party. But he can become the next Advani of the party. Sushma - NaMo duo can work wonders, if they start working on it NOW.

Anonymous said...

BJP's Delhi leadership is in pay of Sonia and/or afraid of blackmail by her govt.

Swabhimaan said...

When is Modi becoming the party President? Why can't the BJP decide on something as simple and straightword as this?

Jiggs said...

Kanchan Gupta...

You indeed SAVAGED the BJP yet again, albeit without relevant facts. Let me fill you in.

MNS factor effected BJP-SHS not only in Mumbai/Pune/Thane/Nashik URBAN BELT, but also in Marathwada.

Congress won the elections as said by Niraj on three factors:

1. MNS
2. Money power
3. Muscle Power

Further more BJP has not exactly done bad, it losses in Mumbai wherein they lost one sitting MLA is due to de-limitation of the constituencies, the 5 seats the BJP has won is with impressive 20K margins.

Furthermore, BJP-Shiv Sena candidates have lost to the Congress by margins of 1300 to 1700 votes.

BJP too won a seat in Narayan Rane bastion of Konkan by 34 VOTES.

The fact is that MNS has doubled its vote share as compared to May 2009, this will effect BJP-SHS severely.

Dilli4 had nothing to do with Maharashtra, the campaign was run locally by Maharashtra BJP, so Kanchan please reserve your OPINIONATED attack for them,if you must.

BTW, can you please explain the logic of the RSS PRAISING RAHUL GANDHI FOR VISITING DALIT HOMES a fortnight before elections in Maharashtra?

That should be a good beginning to introspect on why Vidarbha voted Congress? Rahul and Momma keep on visiting Vidarbha, why dont we start answering this question first?

Venkatesh said...

Hi Jiggs,

Nice to read your post albeit after a long time. It is great to see that you have not lost your fervour for the BJP.

The fact of the matter is that the BJp lost and badly. The cpombine lost more than 30 seats. I am a great fan of the shiv sena, as i grew up in Thane in the 70s and the sena was extremely helpful to say the least. You say the first problem was MNS. Ok agreed. but how did the problem arise. It was because Balasaheb in his love for his son lost sight of the meritocracy. The second and third issues are common issues in the election. Do you think the BJP/SS lack them?

What is lacking is the strategy and the cunning of the central leadership here. The BJP is so caught up in its internal wrangles, that it does not look like a party that is interested or capable of governing. I would never vote for the congress, but looks like there are not too many like us around and that has to be attirbuted to the lack of leadership in the BJP.

If LKA is attributed to bring the BJP to power, I think it is fair if we hold him accountable for BJPs problems today.

I am however confident that the BJP will rise from the abyss of despair

M. Patil said...

"Furthermore, BJP-Shiv Sena candidates have lost to the Congress by margins of 1300 to 1700 votes"

This is really suspicious. When ever there is victory in with such a slim margin there is a recount. How do you do a recount with EVMs?

In Andhra Pradesh many Congress assembly members won with slim margins.

Jaideep said...

Why is it that inspite of a good agenda and past record of delivering good governance does the BJP leadership lack credibility? While it is natural to ask for a change of leadership isn't it worth wondering whether a change of leadership would affect future outcomes.
My opinion is (and this may be hard to swallow for a lot of BJP supporters)that India as a whole actually rejects the broadly right of center thinking/ideology of the party. The entitlement based left of centre approach of the Congress is more in tune with post-independence Indian thinking. Pockets like Gujarat are more an exception than the norm.
BJP starts with this inherrent disadvantage and thus unless there is an undercurrent in the form of an emotional issue BJP finds it very difficult to win

M. Patil said...

A last point: I am increasingly veering round to the view that all high falutin talk of there being a co-relation between election results and quality of governance / agenda of governance is pure bunkum."

You cannot make such a grand statement without any evidence. BJP should do some social sciences research and find out the following from a random sample of each region. The sample should accurately represent the general population.

(i) Did you Vote? If yes to whom
If not why. What would make you vote?
(ii) Who do you think will govern the state better
Congress+, BJP+, or MNS and why?
(iii) What are you looking for in your Govt?
(iv) What do you want the opposition party to do?
(v) List your 3 serious issues/concerns.

I think the above questions will reveal a wealth of information about what the voter and non voters are thinking. You can tally this information against the EVM voting in selected constituencies. If they match EVMs were not manipulated, else ...

In AP CBN lost because in 2004 because of farmer suicides and his percieved image as anti poor. But Congress does not seem to lose no matter what.

I personally would wait for accurate information before coming to any conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I'm appalled by the presence of unthinking types here. ur replies r not worth reading...and those who r suggesting tiny Sushma as "moderate" face r deluding themselves be believing in the bunkum of left-liberal intelligentsia. Not only Sushma is a rootless politician but she is also disliked by vast section of middle class, as a ground worker u can take this from me. Modi has charisma but still he has lot of things to learn...his love for development and moderate image might prove dangerous for him..rather than being a vikas purush he should make his that of a authoritarian ruler who can make things work..BJP must learn how to take media head on rather than ingratiating them...There biggest problem is THINKER nahi hai inke pass....

mpanj said...


"rather than being a vikas purush he should make his that of a authoritarian ruler who can make things work"

Finally!! Someone is starting to think about the intricacies of a NaMo Presidency.

NaMo is the only answer. But he has several 'flaws'.

But these are minor. Lets not buy into the 'Modi is unacceptable' gibberish psec media has peddled for the last 6 months.

Besides, the ultimate goal should be to make BJP 'idiot proof' so that even in NaMo's absence - the party and larger right-of-center movement marches on and thrives.

mpanj said...


Note: Raj T. did not win on a parochial appeal alone. A cynical electorate that refuses to even vote cannot be turned on an us-versus-them idiom alone. They have seen that movie before.

Raj T. very assiduously usurped NaMo’s development politics and presented his vision for M’rastra.

The difference: instead of blaming Congress for M’rastra’s woes, he blamed migrants.

Also, unlike Bal T’s brand of parochialism – Raj T. has gained traction in almost every urban center – B’bay, Thane, Pune, Nashik and even smaller towns.

Unless he is co-opted and/or politically neutralized, BJP/SS will lose 25 seats in 2014.

Also, let’s not give up on politics of performance.

But performance means different things to different people.

For the south Bombay elite – it means better airports, clean air, clean streets, garbage collection, better schools, etc.

For the Vidharba farmer it means – 2 square meals a day and no debt burden – aka survival.

For the migrant in Bombay, it means living in absolute squalor so he can save a little to feed his family back in Mulluk.

As NaMo repeatedly points out – development must be converted into a mass movement. It cant be a cacophony of promises, allegations and counter allegations.

But, BJP must stop using a one-size-fits-all approach.

The urban-rural divide has given way to the urban-urban and rural-rural divide – add caste, religion, regional identity to this mix.

Indian electoral marketplace is now a highly fragmented entity with each micro-segment vying for attention and a political message (and approach) tailored to its needs.

Raj T’s market was limited to the urban M’rastrian – he could afford to offer a narrow vision. But at least he tailored and articulated that vision better than either Uddhav, Munde or Gadkar. SS/BJP had nothing to offer – besides “Congress is crooked bring us to power”.

BJP has been in power in several states, at different levels. The baggage of non-performance makes it difficult differentiate itself from Congress.

Agar saab sale chor hai – why not vote for the original chor.

mpanj said...

So what will a NaMo presidency look like.

Who, what and how will he need to present himself and his vision.

If there's one silver lining to the M'rastra fiasco – it is this.

Raj T. has proven that positioned well – The NaMo agenda works and works spectacularly.

But here’s the difference.

Bengal has faced the same wave of migration – but it would never produce a Raj T.

(Note: Mamata never blamed anyone but the commies for WB's sad state)

Gujaratis and M’rastrians both crave the same development – but where NaMo can cater to the Gujarati sense of profit-and-loss, his development message in M’rastra must be tailored to address employment generation – a subtle but important difference.

Gujarat has a mercantile mindset – M’rastra has a martial mindset.

Can NaMo do this in every state – tailor his amazing vision to where the local populace can understand and identify with it.

He can if he uses a franchise model. He can if he develops an army of apostles.

Anonymous said...

You are way off the mark. BJP had not acquitted itself creditably. People are not fools. Sena leaders thought it is a monarchy with two princes fighting and the King indulging. Yes some got swayed by the local line. caste + religion + lots of grants +bribes. Who could have stopped the results. BJP's loss was a foregone conclusion. National leadership of BJP is a Circus. They can enjoy in Delhi and sit on the mock saddles as long as congress permits them.

NR said...


here is where the dilli4 come into play in maha. You yourself have answered it in your last sentence.

They are just concerned with their needs and are always firmly glued to their ac rooms in dilli. a ntional leader is expected to traverse the length and breadth not only during election time but other times as well. even when they visit a state its same day return with rush. In these 3 years did you ever see rajnath travelling the distance. Its perception. the central leadership of congress is perceived as atleast worried for them and trying to do something while BJP leadership is not. perception matters a lot.

NR said...

So it is clear that Raje will have to suffer. That suspension threats were used speaks so low of the cabal. I hope she does not further give in and gets atleast good post in central level to take on the dilli enterprises. I hope she does a quick chanakya and mends bridges with shekawat, so that she still remains in saddle to take this cabal on at a later convinient time and stage.

Just like other letters were thrown in the dustbin, this too shall go. Unless this cabal is kept out of key posts in next party structure, there is no way forward. But even then there is no guarantee that the cabal will not throw in hurdles and use media in the game. This sorry saga shall continue unfortunately. 2014 issues needs to be settled now itself instead of postponing to another day,otherwise it will be a fall into patala lokam.

Prakash karat did that,and result is to be seen in kerala.

Anonymous said...

Sad and tragic. Below my tweets today on Raje episode.

BJP saga will continue but that must not stop us from scripting next avatar-"Naivety of Hope"

Vasundhara Raje must mount a public campaign to build pressure on the cabal to quit @CenterOfRight @KanchanGupta thats the only way

if they wont quit and they monopolize the only decision making authority that can fire them then only option is a BJP SPLIT @KanchanGupta

Vasundhara Raje Narendra Modi should team up to split BJP launch a new Avatar - after all Swatantra too had its roots in Gujarat & Rajasthan

Between Raje & Modi they will have triangulated all key Constituencies that matter in the broad political space to the Right of Center

Will Vasundhara Raje and Narendra Modi step up and capitalize on their pan-Indian appeal to make that new avatar happen or will they ....

So much for wishful thinking on a friday @Gudem @KanchanGupta, let us just call this episode "The Naivety of Hope"

Once such a critical mass is built choice can be thrown to other state BJP Units to either get on the bandwagon or risk being marginalized

Nithin Rao Panambur said...

The party with a difference has now become a party with differences. The BJP has to realise that next elections will not be LAK vs MMS. It s time to get a young leader to take on Rahul Gandhi.The power has to flow from state to centre and not vice-versa.
Hope they come out of the grave they have dug !!!

Communal said...

Please correct me if I am wrong - Who are these dilli4

Rajnath Singh, L K Advani, Arun Jaitely and Sushma Swaraj ?

Now who are the new entrants (+2) to this cabal - ??

NR said...

Many claim that RSS has tightened grip, has great control and lackey like RS put blame on rss for his decision.

Whats striking here is, if RSS did indeed take control of party in the delhi visit by Bhagwat, why is it keeping silent to such absurdities or is it a case of WB . Whats clear is even RSS has no control and is finding tough to establish order and sanity.

There is no control over what spokesperson say. Leaders come on camera and mouth whatever they want and end up contradicting each other, sound immature and foolish. Every area of organization is in taters. So what sort of accountability the general secretary in charge of organization has?

Has there been a general secretary appointment to replace arun jaitley? If not Raje needs to be appointed to that.

Central incharges of state elections take credit for victories while if its defeat they just vanish into thin air or foreign locations and blame and responsibility falls on state leaders. Ravi shankar preasad shamelessly asked Rajdeep to congratulate him for chattisgarh win. Aj gets credit for win but not for defeat.

Wasnt AJ removed as spokesperson once? why are these non performers still spokespersons? There seems to be no accountability on the image they send out as spokespersons and their ability to deal with issues in a coherent manner.

Vice presidents of the party never seems to have to answer any accountability? whats their role and whats their target?

No central leader has any responsibility when the party performs shabbily in their home state. What answer does a Sushma swaraj has to the performance in Haryana and delhi and Rajnath in UP?

How much distance have these leaders logged during non election time for party related activities? Have they travelled the length and breadth of country to claim the word national? When was the last time sushma or AJ or Rajnath or any central leader visited TN or kerala for party related affairs?

And I dont know from where they get the conscience to demand Rajes resignation.

Since these leaders monopolize the apex body, there is no way inner party democracy which they ave just destroyed will be used to settle things. If rSS cannot bombard, clean and establish snity without discriminating between sangh and non sangh members, Patala LOk is definite.

Anonymous said...

Mujhe bohut zyada gussa aa rahi hai..mera koi friend bhi nahi hai jiske sath mai apni frustration share kar saku..kya mai aapki blog mai BJP ke netao ko kuch ma-bahen ki galiya de sakta hu ?..pls tell me mera thoda dil halka ho jayega aisa karne par....

Anonymous said...

Ye log bhagwan ko pyare ho jaye that day will be a new dawn for BJP: Advani, Ravi, Javedekar Sushma, Goel, Rudy, Jaitley, Rajnath....

Viva Kermani said...

The BJP leadership today cannot tell the difference between good and bad,right and wrong,and weak from strong.
Why ask Vasundhra to go ? I am unable to think of one good reason - they say leadership comes from the top.Here is case where leadership does not come from the top.If the top 4 do not step down, BJP will end with 2 seats by 2020.

ranbijay singh said...

Vinashkale Viparit Buddhi

Anonymous said...

BJP needs to work for grass root level support

Arjun said...

The events in the BJP are such that one feels depressed to even leave a comment on your blog.

Inquiring Mind said...

The EVM fraud is definitely going to be much more skillfully articulated in future.

I believe, MNS could not have got that much percentage of votes, without the EVM manipulation.. I may be wrong, but please think over..

A carefully altered results of EVM, where adjusting votes from opposition to MNS will NOT cast any doubt to any one of the fraud being happening..

Secondly, why should there be two week of time b/w election and announcement of results? Why no party questioned this?

I have lot to doubt, that the BJP top had been either blackmailed not to raise such issue, or they would have got a kickback for being silent and sticking to the party leadership..

In politics, we need not always eliminate the opposition.. Its enough if we just push an inefficient and incredible leadership as the opposition top..

In future, the congress will continue to do the evm fraud, in many ways..

1. To manipulate EVM without knowlege of the opposition..
2. To bribe the opposition to do a formal contest, so that losing (by not caring about evm issue) becomes more profitable than the winning.. the opposition parties will be concerned mostly about the expenditure of the elections, and what if the ruling party gives, twice the amount of expenditure, for the opposition to keep quiet?

The EVM fraud issue is not just congresswalla's brain work.. (after all they dont have that stuff).. but a mastermind of american CIA or probably international conspiracy..

It shows how porous india is..

Swabhimaan said...

People with no brains do such things. It is norml. Have they ever thought who will vote for them if they contest elections? Even the cadre would find them disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Is Kamaraj Type Plan way out for BJP?

BJP/RSS is showing poor understanding of how perceptions are formed. Perceptions are important in democratic polity. Perceptions over a period of time shape credibilty and credibility is an important ingredient in electoral market place.

The way in which Vasu's resignation was played out shows that either or both LKA/MB are making serious errors of judgement. But for backing from LKA/MB, it seems unlikely that adhoc and arbitrary decisions'll be continuously taken. RSS too cant wash their hands off from these happenings as they unfold.

Vasu's accusations are a mere paraphrasing of what Arun Shourie highlighted in an even more damning terms - existence of double standards. Vasu/Gen Khanduri might have failed to deliver. But so did Arun Jaitley(AJ)/Raj Nath Singh(RNS) in UP.

While failure in itself should not be a disqualification, as failures often result in learning key lessons, repeated failures is a disqualification. From this perspective, Raj Nath Singh much more than Vasu/Khanduri should have been asked to resign first. The argument that RNS is anyway on the way out is specious.

Bleed an enemy by thousand cuts is something delivered on hostile elements. Not on oneself. Protracted bleeding that is being manifest in BJP's transition, reflecting serious mistakes that BJP/RSS leadership is making.When drastic changes to the organization are being carried out, it is better if it is done fast as a surgical strike. If there is a bloodbath, so be it. Its better than protracted bleeding (factional shenanigans) that will impact BJP perception in the minds of its prospective voters. A rapid strike can help set the rules of the game - cut down factionalism. Events if allowed to drift can impact credibility of Sangh.

One way to effect quick transition is through BJP's own version of Kamaraj Plan. BJP can of course can call it "Vajpayee Plan" or "Advani Plan". More than semantics what is important is person/team arbitrating the plan execution should be competent and perceived by most sections as genuinely neutral. People holding central party leadership positions, should be asked to quit.

Let redeployments be representative, based primarily on capabilities/performance rather than solely on loyalties/Sangh legacy. While importance of loyalty/trust cant be underplayed, deployments should be based primarily on potential for showing consistent positive results.

(This suggestion making a pitch for re-susticating BJP is part of an extensive analysis that was done earlier as Election Analysis 2009 addressing both strategic and tactical aspects)

Swabhimaan said...

Namo needs time to prepare the ground before he is presented as a national leader. This can't be done two months before the next general elections. What the hell is the problem with the BJP and the Sangh?

The RSS should make sure that this happens immediately...before more deserving people are butchered by empty heads.

sanjay said...


I think BJP is being treated very harshly. Not that they need to be treated with kid gloves, but still we are being unjust. BJP is accused of not playing the role of a "constructive(?)" opposition, do we have any precedence? when cong is/was in opposition in center or state, all they did is plot the downfall of the govt by any means possible. If that is meant by "constructive" opposition then certainly BJP has failed. Lets look at some of the issues raised/opposed by BJP when in opposition:
- Foreign policy matters
- Terrorism
- Illegal migrants
- Corruption

And look at issues raised by regional parties in opposition. Frankly I can't think of any...other than local interest, but certainly they have either sided with the cong or kept mum at best at least on the above issues. Now look at what people have voted for.

May be BJP needs re look into the issues they raise. IMO people who actually vote are not concerned about national issues, not that BJP should not raise them, we should be thankful that at least BJP is doing its job of having effective checks and balances over the govt even when the media is sold out to the establishment and not doing the job they are expected to do.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kanchan Gupta said...

Anon: I had to remove your post because of the abusive words in the last sentence. Your are welcome to repost your valuable comment, minus the abuse.

Anonymous said...

In Maharastra, Voter had choice between corrupt/inefficien Congress and More Corrupt/Inefficient Shiv Sena.
What happend last time when they gave chance to SS.
SS played one day matches vs test matches played by Congress according to Anna Hazzare.

vijayc said...

What made me to support BJP for long time where there was minimal BJP presence and which caught my imagination after listening to ABV/LKA when i was 6 years old almost 30 yrs back were the following -

1. It Caught the imagination of the youth like me with the real slogan "Party with a Difference" - Now it has reduced to being Just Another Party
2. It Came up during a time when the folks were looking for an alternative from the congress and the khichdi Govt.s. Now - we are not even sure what the BJP stands for. Is it Cong's B Team?
3. In the last five years - the first two years have gone in the shock of defeat. After that they did not perform the role of an effective credible opposition.
4. Even today there is not an iota of clarity on what's the big idea and what defines BJP.
5.One last difference quoting from one tweet between 1995 and 2009 -
One insiuation on Jain Hawala case made LKA resign and not to contest elections 2009, even after a massive losses, I have not even seen one person who has been removed or resigned.

PS. It's so saddening to see a party that could have made the difference to the country wither away in such a sorry fashion. If someone from the party reads the comments, this as the anguish of faceless party and committed supporters who still are having hope against hope that the gangrene set in is amputated. Guys you have still got 116 Seats in Parliament and 8 Crore Voters(LS09) to make a difference and buck up and bounce back

Swabhimaan said...

Why is the RSS acting as a mere spectator? Too taken in by RS or some other reason? @Kanchan, any comments on this?

If RSS can make LKA step-down, it can also control Rajnath Singh. Now, the question is why isn't it doing it? No interest or just waiting for his term to end? Dilli4may be bad, but it seems that the real problem lies elsewhere. RSS is just comfortable with what is going on??? This is dangerous.

Now we will know the real picture only when RS's term ends.
First preference for party president : Narendra Modi.
Second preference: A person who has credentials like him.

If this does not happen, BJP will be in urgent need of a coup from ground up.

Any one of Dilli4/5/6 is a definite no for the position of party President.

M. Patil said...

Kanchanda you wrote in the pioneer:

"But I guess the people of India are least interested in what a Government can give them apart from promised freebies which more often than not are forgotten after elections are over. What turns them on and swings their vote remains a mystery — or perhaps not. It could just be something as simple as credible leadership — in the States, in New Delhi. This is an issue that should engage the BJP’s attention; brushing it under the carpet won’t help the party."

The voters vote is NOT a mystery. Just do some statistical social sciences reasearch. I said in the earlier mail find out about the following from the voter

(i) Did you Vote? If yes to whom and why
If not why. What would make you vote?
(ii) Who do you think will govern the state better
Congress+, BJP+, or MNS and why?
(iii) What are you looking for in your Govt?
(iv) What do you want the opposition party to do?
(v) List your 3 serious issues/concerns.

Then the Indian voter will not be such a mystery. I said something similar after Lok Sabha debacle. Instead of hand wringing get dome info.

M. Patil said...

It appears like I and Right Angle are the only people worried about EVM fraud.

With EVMs Congress will win all significant elections. And the pundits will be busy comming up with pretzel logic to justify Congress victory.

Anonymous said...

Congress has very successfully diverted people's attention from EVM rigging. The token wins like Gujrat by-elections was manufactured to create an impression that the EVMs are dependable. I remember that some of the commentators cautioned at that time not to celebrate as it was a trap and that no body would be able to doubt a rigged victory by congress in upcoming Maharashtra elction. Their predictions were correct and it happened.

Do people realize that a notorious US firm "Diabol" has a hand in manpulating these EVMs. The EVM's are banned in the US, or at least there is a paper trail. The Congress wants you to be engaged in endless debate on the political causes for elcetions defeat, they are erally enjoying it, while the EVM's are quietly working for them.
With EC and EVMs at their hands, you might notice a temporary slowdown in minority appeasement.

At the end, the Congress will keep on winning elections after elections with a few crumbs thrown to BJP from time to time.

expat said...

I am an expat living outside India. My big nightmare is that India undergoes another partition (due to china or jihad) in my lifetime. I shudder at the thaught of losing my roots, to be not able to visit my hometown, to always think of my place of birth like refugees from Lahore or even Kashmir do. And to not be able to do anything about it.

I am just so, so, so sad at these results, so so sad that a person like mms is India's PM. Just so disappointed that fraud congress keeps winning.
Though there is no single reason , but many I believe
1. muslims (and christians too) vote for congress as of now.
2. self styled intellectuals
3. most women (they think rahul's smile is cute)
4. some votes can be baught.
5. middle class who think mms is a great economist (basically, who believe in media propaganda)
6. some dont vote because they are rightly disappointed in BJP.
7. rest votes are shared.

Thus elections are lost.

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with expat that the possibility another partion, and possibly many more, is very real now. These two terms of UPA rule is going to lay the solid ground work for India's break up. Six years from now it will be impossible for any nationalist party (if there will be one) to win election because of demographic changes. The Islamisation would probably be complete by 2025. Then there will be clash between Christians and Muslims and India will be worse than Pakistan and Iraq. No wonder China thinks of India being broken into 40 pieces.

M. Patil said...

Anonymous on Sunday, October 25, 2009 said:

"At the end, the Congress will keep on winning elections after elections with a few crumbs thrown to BJP from time to time."

Amen. BJP might win Jharkaland but will lose all important elections. Unless, there is a paper trail.

Kanchan da, leadership is an issue, but the fact is electorate seems to punish Congress opponents but not Congress and its allies.

Is there any research to find out what the people are thinking? For example why did the voters of Vidharba vote for Congress is spite of suicides? Voters of AP punished CBN for far less suicides.

Things just don't seem to add up.

Swabhimaan said...

CEC says nobody has been able to prove that EVMs can be tampered with. How to prove otherwise? This issue can be followed up only if the opposition knows how tampering can be done or there is a problem with the procedure...otherwise it is just a dead issue.

Aaaj ka naara:

Ek do teen chaar band karo ye atyachaar,
Paanch che saat aath
Tootni chahiye tumhari saanth gaanth

sanjay said...

The EVM issue must not be allowed to linger on. There certainly seem to be merit in the fact that even much advanced countries and matured democracies do not rely on this system. CEC is not technically qualified to give a certificate of reliability or otherwise of the EVMs. Unfortunately we can't expect the biased media to take up the issue. BJP has lost the will to take up another fight with the establishment. The only hope is an intervention by the judiciary.

Swabhimaan said...

Is there a BJP lawyer cell?
PIL required.

Jiggs said...

@Venkatesh / NR....

Venkatesh, you will agree with me that the votes which MNS is polling is ANTI CONGRESS and not ANTI BJP/SHS. For instance I dont think the types of KUMAR KETKAR would ever vote for anything that is RIGHT!!!! :)

This sycophancy of the Shiv Sena was waiting to happen, why did not Marathi voters dint forsee is beyond me. MNS is a clone of the Shiv Sena and this will happen somewhere down the line here too.

Read, todays letter to MNS supremo by Shobha De ( I usually detest the lady, but this one is worth reading) in the Times of India.

The question over here is who voted MNS in droves? I think an analysis of this would be extremely interesting.

The main reason here is the 61% slum population in Mumbai, Thane and Pune. They are the ones who call the shots NOT PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME.

I hope you saw the Nitin Gadkari interview on IBN Lokmat before the elections? If not please look up their website and hear him. He has made certain interesting points on us the voters.

IMO, the voters in this country have become indifferent, they want everything OUTSOURCED, they do not wish to take any interest in the fact that their own money is ending up in swiss bank accounts.

Time to revamp ourselves by being more vigilant.

M. Patil said...

Jiggs said:

"The question over here is who voted MNS in droves? I think an analysis of this would be extremely interesting."

Yes, also the people of Vidharba also voted Congress. Independent research will reveal valuble information. Is the prinicipal opposition party doing anything?

Swabhimaan said...

On Maoist debate : Arnab was good today.Full marks to him! Sagarika can go down the drain with the godess of small brains.

mpanj said...

@Jiggs, @M. Patil,

a detailed analysis of MNS' success will reveal some very important lessons for BJP/RSS.

I started by assuming MNS was a flash-in-the-pan. But, either through a stroke of luck or a stroke of genius, Raj T. has managed to come up with a value proposition that is almost unbeatable.

He can and will be tripped by Congress (if and when he grows stronger) by bringing up the considerable skeltons in his closet.

But BJP has much to learn from his strategy.

MNS sans the regional chauvinism is a potent weapon.

p.s. Yes voters are to be blamed - but if they are turning to MNS in droves, the onus lies with BJP/SS.

Anonymous said...

SS was promoted by Congress (during VP Naik regime) to destroy the grip of SP-Comm in Mumbai trade union. SS used same thuggish tactic now being deployed by MNS! Cong will come to rue Raj but then they will create a new one and the saga will continue until the Indian voters really get out of their slumber, if ever. If I were BJP, I will go alone - may lose some elections but that will place it as an alternative to both SS and Cong. Else, it will end up like Cong in TN or BJP in UP/Bihar (how many know that BJS was the principal opp party in UP/Bihar and a significant one in Haryan in 1967 but made the monumental mistake of aigining with dal-badlus and lost its pre-eminent opp position in all those states)! Same story in Maharashtra.

Jiggs said...


Yes Vidarbha voted Congress this time and in May 2009, the question is why?

Have the people not seen the farmer suicides, the power cuts themselves, that they needed the BJP TO TELL THEM? What is wrong with the people?

This leads us to two answers:

1. The people feel it would be better to GIVE CONGRESS ANOTHER CHANCE TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS, as BJP has failed to reduce farmer suicides and obliterate power cuts IN-SPITE OF BEING outside POWER.

2. The people have gone stark mad by assuming point no. 1.

Dude...yes lets find out what happened on why BJP candidate in May 2009 against Praful Patel said that in some wards where number of voters are 1200, votes counted were 1600. His case is still waiting to be heard by the HC.

Jiggs said...

@M panj...

" he will be tripped by the Congress somewhere down the line".

Spot on dude, but the point here is RT wants the role of SHS in Maharashtra, he is not against the BJP. He has said this openly, secretly he has been parlaying with the BJP to align with him and have the bigger role.

But BJP faces a dilemma from Munde and prospects in North India should this happen.

I still maintain, BJP will survive this assault but god help SHS.

Swabhimaan said...

Mohan Bhagwat is great! Mohanji please speed up the process. Do what Arun Shourie asked for and do it quick!

The problem is RNS and as Kanchan points out Dilli4/5/6.

Thanks @centerofright for the link.

Anonymous said...

Comic Relief:

This cartoon appeared in Thuglak (tamil weekly) when Vasundhara Raje was being hounded by Rajnath Singh & Advani to resign.

She turns around and says:

" Should you force me to resign , I too shall write a book on Jinnah."

Vasundhara Raje did come up with good governance ,streamlining police force , law & order.

It is oneupmanship that derails bjp.Recall how Uma Bharti was used & dumped by Advani.

Somehow congress party ensures everyone despite their ego hassles rally behind Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka.

Supporter said...

RNS replacement though overdue is inevitable, however that is not enough. BJP needs to introspect their evaluation and selection processes and must put in place stringent checks and balances so that henceforth only competent and capable persons get to occupy key positions.

Anonymous said...

Vinaash Kaale, Viprit Budhi

Rajnath hits out as RSS chief's calls for BJP's revival
Headlines Today

The spat between RSS and BJP took an ugly turn as Rajnath Singh hit out after Sangh chief, Mohan Bhagwat, made recommendation for the party's revival on Tuesday. The RSS chief said BJP needed massive surgery and chemotherapy, indicating a change in the party top brass.

But the BJP chief hit out almost immediately. Reacting to Bhagwat's recommendation, Rajnath made an unsavoury remark. He said that it is an opinion by no one else but a madman.

Anonymous said...

A wise man always surrounds himself with people who are better than him and it becomes a company of giants, look at Nehru. LKA chose to surround himself with people like RNS and Sudheendra Kulkarni and BJP became a company of dwarfs.

Anonymous said...

Sangh’s ‘poison’ break from tradition

This is a good example of how our oh-so secular media peddles propaganda as news and then it becomes fact - RSS and BJP are so inntellectually deficient to counter it. As far as my reading goes, no RSS chief ever called "democracy" poison; calling vote-bank politics / populism, even parliamentary system, is NOT same as calling democracy poison. Palkhivala had long supported presidentail form.
Teh cost of this failure to counter propaganda is now proving fatal for the entire Sangh Parivaar.

Swabhimaan said...

"The RSS chief said BJP needed massive surgery and chemotherapy"

This is not what he had said. He said it is for the BJP to decide what it wants. I wish he had said that it required chemo.

RNS said no need for chemo and the one who thinks so is mad.

He is calling us mad :)

Jiggs said...

Guys...RNS is a plain moron alright, no doubts about it. However, when he was appointed as the Party President who was behind it?

Even those guys should be nailed. BJP needs a Stalinist Purge.

The point is that all of who are concerned are equal stake holders in the party, we must have our say.

Maybe use the offices of Kanchan Gupta or anybody else to get thru. this message to the top rung leadership.

Swabhimaan said...

If nothing else RNS should be sacked for calling aam BJP supporters like us mad. Where are Ravi Shankar Prasad and Rudy?

Anonymous said...

Despite BJP falling from 200+ to 80+ in UP, RSS put Rajnath as president (it suited others too - Advani, etc). Well, he has reduced national BJP to same level as in UP. Is hamam me sabhi nange hey. LOL - he forced vasu out for bringing BJP down from 130 to 80.

If u r election manager said...

If '09' general elections are announced once again and you are made the BJP election manager, what will you do differently?

One obvious thing should be:

- The party/coalition should be the target instead of attacking a person (MMS in this case). In 2004, BJP targeted SG for her origins, it boomeranged, lesson not learnt, history repeated.

Swabhimaan said...

MMS - a relay runner in the queen's court:

Jiggs said...


"Despite BJP falling from 200+ to 80+ in UP, RSS put Rajnath as president"

Exactly my point, I agree with Kanchan Gupta that accountability is a must from the current leadership, however, IMO:

1. People who distorted LKA's Pakistan speech in India and had him fired too must be under the scanner.

2. This led to RNS being APPOINTED as the party president, so these people who appointed him should also be relieved of their positions.

Anonymous said...

Can not say better than this (by an ex-BJP MP) but it is in Hindi.

Supporter said...

BJP party president has largely been a ceremonial post with may be a little say in the decision making of the party. Nobody questioned the credentials of Bangaru Laxman or Venkaiah Naidu when they were party presidents. Rajnath Sigh had little role to play and did in last gen elections. By blaming him for the loss and baying for his immediate removal, we are barking up the wrong tree. IMO the one person largely responsible for the loss is LKA, all wrong decisions including in-decisions can be traced back to him. His offer to resign notwithstanding, despite the rancid pickle episode he dosen't seem to be willing to let go his pre-eminent position and perks attached with it. And nobody seems to have the gut to say that the Emperor has no clothes.