Monday, July 06, 2009

Back in Israel...

The past couple of weeks have been one big, mad rush. I am now off to Israel at the invitation of the American Jewish Committee for a week. Hopefully, I will get to blog at leisure from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, a city that never ceases to amaze me. I am sure there will be interesting stories to tell. By the time I am back in Delhi, which has lived up to its name as the 'Dust bowl of India' with the rains giving this wretched city and the NCR a go-by, the silly season should be over. Meanwhile, I came across an interesting picture of the spot where the Bamyan Buddhas once stood before the Taliban came along with their guns and dynamite... Weep for the barbarity let loose by mullahs.


Baloch View said...

Most of Israel's existential problems can be traced to Iran, just as India's can be traced to Pakistan.

Both Iran and Pakistan are state sponsors of terrorism.

Both Iran and Pakistan have restive Baloch territories.

So, Israel's and India's interests coincide with Baloch aspirations for liberation.

India and Israel have a common stake in uniting the Baloch on either side of the border and in creating Greater Balochistan or Gedrosia.

Balaji said...

its sad that Bibi has succumbed to the 2 state bug. we conservatives cannot allow two theocracies to come up in place of a single secular Israel-Palestine state. hope better sense prevails.

and btw, looking at the empty shell of the Bamiyan buddhas, doesn't it look as though the Buddhas have put on Burqas?

blogger said...

Guys, did ya read this. Burger King denigrates Goddess Lakshmi ji:

Communal said...


Please look at the Shopian incident of Kashmir.

In this article, Pravin Swami of HINDU writes as to how media fanned the violence in Shopian. All the media have suppressed the news about this Justice Muzaffar Jan Commission of Enquiry. I hope to see an article on Dailypioneer regarding this incident.

Some of the highlights of this article

"Efforts were also made by sections of the media to suggest that the local police may have sought to hush up the case on the orders of their superior. Journalists in particular turned on Constable Mohammad Yaseen, who was reported to have made several phone calls to superiors even as a search for the victims’ bodies was underway — evidence, it was argued, of the unusual interest of his bosses in the case.

In fact, the Commission found, Mr. Yaseen had made only four calls during the whole day and none between 10 p.m. on June 29, when the search for the victims began, until 6 a.m. on June 30, when the bodies were found."

"For the most part, Justice Jan found, the media misrepresented forensic evidence. Media accounts insisted that both women appeared to have been badly beaten and gang raped. However, the Jan Commission states, pathologists found no evidence to support the proposition of gang rape. Moreover, only one victim’s body was found to bear visible external injuries. Claims that one victim was pregnant at the time of her death, Justice Jan states, were also wrong.

Perhaps in order to buttress claims that the two women had been raped before they were killed, some journalists asserted that their clothes were torn. However, witnesses interviewed by the Jan Commission said that the women’s Feran and shalwar were intact."

"Based on the accounts of individuals claiming to be eyewitnesses, newspapers said that one victim’s forehead had been smeared with sindoor — an allegation that suggested that the rapists were Hindus, and the rape itself macabre religion-driven hate crime. However, the Commission noted, the red marks on her forehead were in fact blood from a head wound. “The flow of blood,” the report states, “was shamefully distorted and projected as a mark of sindoor.”"

Anonymous said...

Dear Kanchanji,

Here I came across video illustrating how liberals are fuelling anti-semitism.
Here is the maker of the video.

This guy thinks even comments like this to be racist and hate speech.
"Israeli arabs enjoy better quality of life in Israel compared to many other Arab countries. And they should apperciate it."

I don't understand why liberals are capitulating so shamelessly in front of Arabs and Muslims.